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(Fic) And All My Secrets Laid Bare, Chapter 1

You know, I've often thought that the world needs more fic about Willow having sex with a giant snake. Haven't we all? So here's my attempt to remedy this sad deficiency. Mind you, it's not all about that: I've got character development and moral dilemmas and philosophy and a scene where Tara meets Kennedy, and lots of angst. Plus some humour. And, of course, the hot herpetophilia.

This story takes place after the end of 'Chosen' and before 'The Long Way Home'. You don't have to have read the comics to understand it: all you need to know is that Willow is engaging in advanced magical research so she can become more powerful... to help people, of course. It's also a sequel to my earlier fic 'Legally Dead', but again if you haven't read that I've included a 'Previously...' to give you the important details.

Rating: 18 (NC-17) It's not all sex, but the sex is definitely there.
Pairing: Willow/OC with references to some of her past relationships.
Wordcount: Three chapters in total. Chapter One 1,582; Chapter Two 1,564; Chapter Three 1,565
Warnings: Willow's having sex with a giant snake demon. Where do I start? Sex, obviously. It's a female giant snake demon, so femslash. Sexual congress with a demon is the thing witches were always being accused of in history, so I suppose I ought to warn for witchcraft. And sex with a giant snake probably counts as bestiality, too. And if you think about a snake wrapping itself around someone, trapping her in its coils - there's a definite bondage and domination subtext there which is really unavoidable. And, the whole giant snake thing is totally Freudian anyway. Right then. Warnings: sex, femslash, witchcraft, bestiality, D/s and bondage. Did I miss anything?

Canon note (ETA): this story was written before we were told the name 'Saga Vasuki' for the snake goddess Willow meets here, so I called her 'Nehushtan' in this fic. To resolve the discrepancy, just assume that as a goddess, she's known by many different names. :-)

Anything will give up its secrets if you love it enough - George Washington Carver

Previously on 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer':
Willow has travelled to the realm of the serpent goddess Nehushtan, Mistress of Life and Death, to learn the deepest secrets of healing magic from her. She already knows that Nehushtan will only surrender her secrets to her lovers, and she thinks she's prepared for that: but is she ready to face the tests that the goddess will impose upon her?

Also, Kennedy's dead. Only temporarily, it's a mystical thing, and Kennedy actually volunteered for it. Nehushtan is a jealous goddess, and wouldn't be pleased if Willow tried approaching her when she already had a lover back on Earth. Unfortunately, it kind of slipped Willow's mind to explain to Kennedy exactly what she was planning to do with Nehushtan; she thought Kennedy would only be upset, and why hurt her with the full truth? 

Old habits die hard...

And All My Secrets Laid Bare

Willow kneels on the grass, her head bowed. She is naked, as the ritual demands; and the constant gentle rain feels oddly warm on her bare skin. She completes speaking her request, and waits in nervous anticipation.

"Look at me."

She raises her eyes, and gasps in terror and delight as Nehushtan takes form before her. The goddess has a woman's face, eerily beautiful despite its green hue, its blackened lips that barely hide sharp white teeth and flickering tongue. Her eyes glow white, with no pupil or iris. Her hair, long and fine, is pure silver; it stretches away from her head, ruffled by a breeze that touches nothing else, that Willow herself cannot feel.

"Am I beautiful, mortal? Do you desire me?"

Yes says the voice inside Willow's head, but she says nothing, casting her eyes down Nehushtan's womanly torso - yesyesyesyes - seeing where it becomes scaly and monstrous, the tail of a vast serpent, coiling and twisting about itself. She swallows, looks back into Nehushtan's inhuman eyes.

"Y-you're a goddess. Whatever form you choose would look good to me, if... if you wanted it to."

Silvery laughter greets her remark. "A wise answer, child. But what of this form, then? Does it please you? Does it fill you with the warmth of mortal passion? Would you share that with me?"

Gulp. Willow has read the books, knows what to expect, but this is sudden urgent reality and she fights the urge to panic. What is the correct reply? If she gets this wrong now, she'll never return home... although - a rebellious thought intrudes - it would probably be a really fun way to die. No. Not fun. Not fun at all. Think, Rosenberg. Get it right. She masters herself, and her voice comes back low and determined.

"I would share with you, and you with me. A mingling, an exchange, and then we go our separate ways wiser for the experience. I would do this with you, my lady Nehushtan."

A sudden hiss, that makes Willow start back in fear, and Nehushtan's eyes suddenly flame yellow. But then the colour bleaches out of them once more, and a cruel smile curves around the goddess's lips.

"Well then. You would learn my secrets? You will pay the price? Well then. Open yourself to me, child."

"OK, um... what do you want to know?" But Nehushtan's body is coiling itself lasciviously, rubbing its folds one against the other, and in shock Willow understands. "Oh. Whoa. That's just... yuk. You mean literally? With the... uh.. opening.. Umm..."

"Of course I do. You have come for my secrets, have you not? I share them only with my lovers."

Willow feels the blush spreading down from her face; she stammers, flustered more than ever. "B-but - uh, th-that's not how mortals d-do it, we don't just, um, d-dive in there like that, not if we want to b-be lovers. We take it slow, get to know each other, we don't just..."

"But you do. None of my past lovers hesitated like this; they were eager for my touch, they burned for it. Do you find me less desirable than they did?"

"Uh, no, my lady." Willow grimaces. She feels acutely uncomfortable, but she leans back, lying down on the wet grass, wriggling her shoulders to find a spot to lie easy. Spreads her arms akimbo, and slowly, reluctantly opens her legs. Keeping her knees locked, her toes pointed, focussing on her own physical actions, trying not to think about what was sure to come.

Failing miserably. 

As the goddess's unearthly face watches her dispassionately, Willow feels exposed and vulnerable. If this is Nehushtan's idea of experiencing human love, she has an awful lot to learn... There is no sharing here. She is spread out like a laboratory specimen, completely helpless before Nehushtan's power, and she--

Oh. The sudden flush of warmth, the rapid pounding of her heart takes Willow completely by surprise. Her nipples grow taut under the gentle touch of the soft rain. What...?

"We share secrets, child. This is the first lesson." And now Nehushtan is moving, flowing sinuously over the ground. Her tail coils around Willow, wrapping itself firmly around her legs, her arms. She feels herself lifted up as the goddess's body encircles her waist. The scales feel rough, but not unpleasant, and Nehushtan is not cold and clammy as Willow had feared; she is warm. Warm and soft and sensuous, and a slow steady pulsing of lust begins to ripple up through Willow's body. Her breathing quickens as she looks into Nehushtan's face, now close to her own. The goddess puts out a hand, cups the side of Willow's face, lifts her chin to look deep into her eyes. Judging, measuring? The blank white eyes offer no clues; and then Nehushtan moves aside with inhuman grace. Willow can look down at her spreadeagled body, held fast in the countless scaly, muscular coils, looping around her wrists and ankles and thighs and stomach. There seems no end to the goddess's immensity... and then suddenly there is.

The tip of Nehushtan's tail rears up scorpion-like between Willow's legs. She bites back a gasp, feels Nehushtan's coils flow around her, tightening their grip. The tail is huge. It sways back and forth like a cobra's head. Its scales glisten damply in the warm rain. Willow's eyes are wide and round; she can't look away. Fear and terror and anticipation and arousal knot her stomach and make her blood race. As the goddess's tail begins ever so slowly to dip down towards her exposed crotch, held open like a sacrificial offering, Willow can feel herself start to hyperventilate. She struggles desperately to control herself, knowing that her life hangs in the balance. If she angers Nehushtan now... 

It's closer still. Willow can't face it. She screws her eyes closed, clenches her fists so hard her fingernails bruise her palms. She desperately orders her body to relax, telling it that tensing up is exactly the wrong thing to do right now; but her body isn't listening. She can hear herself whimpering softly.

Then the tail-tip touches her, and a shock like electricity convulses her body. Her eyes fly open again as the nature of the touch registers. It's gentle, and for all the vast bulk of Nehushtan's body her tail moves with delicacy and dexterity. It circles around and down, caressing Willow intimately, and she feels herself relax into the touch--

Just as Nehushtan withdraws her tail again slightly, straightens it out, and aims it. Vast muscular coils tense and bunch behind it, ready to drive it home...


When it comes it's slow at first, just the barest fraction of the serpent goddess's full length, and yet Willow feels herself stretching, right on the blurry line between pain and pleasure. She's gasping, panting for breath, fists knotted, full. Tries desperately to weave a pleasant fantasy in her head to distract her, but the filmy wisps are torn to shreds by the far too immediate present.

Then it stops, and Willow blinks her eyes to see the goddess regarding her curiously, head tilted to one side. Nehushtan says nothing; but suddenly the tail is withdrawn, leaving a surprising void at Willow's centre. And Nehushtan is wriggling sinuously around, with a dexterity no human could match, settling herself between the witch's legs and looking up at her over the top of her breasts and tummy with pale, pupilless eyes.

Then she bends forward, and Willow feels the first faint flickering pressure of her tongue, and sighs in pleasure that's more than half mixed with relief. She's already seriously aroused, and the goddess is quickly driving her higher and higher, her tongue moving with inhuman speed, and there's something about it that Willow can't quite place, but it feels different and exciting and oh so good and it's driving her mad that she can't explain it but it's getting hard to think straight now and just as the world shatters into shards of colour it hits her:

Oh! Snake! Forked tongue!

As things swim slowly back into focus, Willow takes a deep, shaky breath and mentally catalogues her body parts. Still all attached, and definitely working properly. She feels a big goofy grin creeping across her face as she smiles her thanks at the green-skinned goddess.

Nehushtan doesn't return the smile.

She looks at Willow a long time in silence, as if searching for something in her expression. Then nods to herself, and speaks at last.

"You have experienced pleasure? You have experienced ecstasy at my hands?"

Not just her hands, Willow thinks, but she just nods and said "Yes. Thank you."

"I do not wish for your thanks. Here there are only rules, and an exchange. For pleasure, a secret. I have given of myself unto you, and now you must share yourself with me. What do you have to tell me, mortal?"

"Huh? I - er - I thought the deal was you told me a secret, in, um, in return for, y'know, sex? You want to know my secrets too?" Her voice rises to a squeak on the last syllables. And now Nehushtan does smile, her tongue flickering out around her lips.

"Of course. There is always wisdom to be gained from what people choose not to reveal. In the things we do not tell." The goddess leans forward, touches a cool hand to Willow's forehead.

"In the things we hide."

On to Chapter Two.

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