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(Fic) And All My Secrets Laid Bare, Chapter 3

Chapter Three of my story of Willow and the giant snake. Rating 18. Chapter Two is here.

As she turns back to Nehushtan the grin is still playing around her lips.
But her eyes are fire and ice.

"You see? That's what being in love means. Proper human love, not the demon-y kind. Each of them wants me to choose the other."

"But the choice is yours, not theirs. Which do you choose?"

And All My Secrets Laid Bare, Chapter 3

"Both of them."

Nehushtan hisses angrily. "Do not toy with me, mortal. Choose one, or neither!"

"Me toying with you? Pot, this is kettle. You're black."  It crosses her mind briefly that she should be afraid, that the goddess could erase her from existence with a sweep of her tail, but she's too angry to care anymore. "You're dissecting my feelings, forcing me to make a choice nobody should ever have to make. For what? For fun? Is this a game to you?"

"Then you refuse to choose?"

"I already said. I choose both. You're so powerful, bringing one of them back should be no different to bringing them both back. You're just torturing me."

"For the third and last time. Which do you choose?"

Willow glances back over her shoulder. Tara and Kennedy are now standing arm-in-arm, watching her calmly. They both smile at her, and suddenly Willow knows the answer.

"Neither. I have no right."

"Why would this stop you? It did not before."

Willow's reply is low and cold. "I know that. I was wrong then. And knowing what I know now, I... Well actually,  I'd still do it anyway, 'cause without Buffy, The First would have won. But that still doesn't make what I did right. Just necessary."

"And bringing your lover back from the grave is not necessary?"

"No... no it's not. I want to, but... like Tara said, life goes on. We can't preserve things the same for eternity. A forever love is... unnatural. A vampire thing, not for regular people."

"Interesting. Very well." Nehushtan waves her hand, and Willow whips her head around... too late. There's nothing there, not even footprints in the damp grass. She feels hollow and empty inside, but it only fuels her simmering anger further.

"Not even a chance to say goodbye? You're inhuman."

The goddess turns blank white eyes in her direction, and Willow gives her head a sudden shake to clear it.

"Obviously so. Were they even really here? Or did you just conjure them out of my memories?"

"If you wish to learn one of the secrets of my magic, mortal, then you must pay the price. You know this."

"Right. That's why I'm here. Prostituting myself for power and knowledge... um, literally. Wow, I didn't think... that's kinda gross."

"Sudden squeamishness? Do you wish to back out of our bargain?"

"Like hell. After what you did to me? Now it's my turn. Same deal, right? I give you an orgasm, you tell me a secret?"

"That is the way of things." Nehushtan unwinds herself from Willow's body, coils her tail under her, waits.

But Willow ignores her, standing and stretching, holding her face up to the rain to let it bathe her in its gentle warmth, rubbing life back into stiff limbs. Crosses her arms over her chest as she turns to face the goddess again, cupping her own breasts in her hands and tweaking her nipples before sliding her arms down her torso slowly to her thighs. 

The goddess watches impatiently. "Pleasure me, mortal."

"Fuck you." The expletive even shocks her a little, but Willow's past caring now. She moves her right hand up between her thighs, while the other returns to her breast.

"You defy me? How do you dare? Your actions are senseless."

Willow's hand moves in lazy sensuous circles.

"Speak to me! Why do you not do as I wish?"

Now Willow does look at her, warm hazel eyes glaring straight into chilly shining white.

"What do you want from me?"

"To fulfil your side of our bargain. That is the law of this place!"

"Screw your laws. Tell me what you want from me."

Nehushtan now seems more baffled than angry. This situation is clearly outside her experience.
"I want... things to go the way they always go. The sharing, and the revealing of secrets."

"Wrong answer. What. Do you want. From me?"

"To... to know pleasure and ecstasy with you. I want... I want you."

Now Willow smiles. "What's the magic word?" 

And she's already kicking herself, because that's an English idiom that Nehushtan is bound to misinterpret, but to her shock the goddess says "Please?" 

And then Willow has her arms around the goddess, one hand tangled in her glittering hair as she forces her head down into a long, hard kiss. Breaking finally for air, she works her way hungrily down Nehushtan's slender neck towards her - actually rather magnificent - bosom, circling one nipple with her thumb without ever touching it until the goddess begs her for mercy, then nipping down with her teeth hard enough to draw a hiss. Her other hand is stroking her back, and Willow runs her fingers down her spine, then moves to bring her thigh up between Nehushtan's legs... Ah. Oh, yeah.

A moment of panic sets in, almost throwing her completely off her stride. She's a big snake. Where do snakes keep their genitals? Do snakes even have genitals? Maybe I should ask her... yeah, real smooth. Sorry, sweetie, but I seem to have mislaid your vagina. Could you point me in the right direction?

Well, only one thing to do. Willow strokes Nehushtan's stomach, circles her bellybutton...

(Hang on. What's a snake doing with a navel?
Um, probably the same thing she's doing having breasts. Carry on.)

...then moves her hand down towards where on a human would be the right spot. But she finds nothing but smooth scales, and just as her panic is about to become full-blown one of them seems to give, or shift slightly under her fingers, and suddenly she's feeling that familiar, soft exciting squidginess, just like a real woman.

She slides down now, wanting to reassure herself with her eyes that it's there; and it's perfect, so perfect Willow wonders if this is something else Nehushtan pulled out of Willow's mind - or in this case, directly out of her libido. Well, except that her libido normally expects pink or red, not green, but apart from that... Her fingers are working up and down and in and out, and she can hear the goddess's breathing coming fast and heavy, so she leans in and curls her tongue up for a taste, and Nehushtan hisses again, loud in her ears, and a quiver runs through her.

But Willow's not ready to give her what she wants yet, so she makes her way slowly back up the goddess's body as she whimpers faintly, pushing herself against Willow's hand and gasping as the witch takes her nipple in her mouth again. By the time Willow goes down once more Nehushtan is hot and wet and her tail is lashing from side to side, and it's all quite awkward because the shape of her body means that Willow's nose is squashed up against her scales, but she manages somehow, and her tongue flicks up and around until Nehushtan hurls back her head and howls in unearthly ecstasy and collapses into a boneless heap on the damp grass.

Willow wipes her mouth and, after a moment's hesitation, wriggles up and wraps herself cosily around Nehushtan. She's not sure the goddess has ever been snuggled before, but judging from the blissful smile on her face, she's not hating it. She gently pushes a strand of silvery hair off her cheek and quirks an eyebrow.

"You enjoyed that, then?"

Nehushtan's reply is kind of non-verbal, but she nods and manages a faint "Mmm".

"So the deal was, I give you an orgasm, you tell me a secret, right?"

Nehushtan smiles happily, manages to get some words out. "You've...ah...certainly earned it. What do you want to know?"

Willow considers a moment... then something clicks inside her. She can feel a triumphant grin coming on, but fights it back, keeps her expression serious. "One question first. And if the answer's a secret, don't tell me, okay? Just say 'It's a secret'. Don't want to waste my prize. Agreed?"

Nehushtan smiles fondly, still clearly deep in afterglow. "Agreed."

"If I give you more than one orgasm, do I get to ask for more than one secret?"

Nehushtan starts to look angry at that, but Willow's doing something interesting to the back of her neck and she stretches and practically purrs. "Do you have the stamina, little mortal? Most of my previous lovers have been incapable of such feats."

Willow stifles a giggle. "But your previous lovers were men, weren't they? Uh, never mind. But if I can, is it a deal?"

"Very well. Your hunger for knowledge is clearly great, little one. So tell me. What is the first secret you wish to learn from me? How to heal the plague? How to strike men dead with one glance from your eye? Tell me."

"Um, I'm more about the healing than the killing these days. But my first request is none of those things."

Now the grin is unstoppable.

"My first request, Lady Nehushtan, is for you to tell me all your sexual secrets; all the things that bring you physical pleasure. All your fantasies, all your desires, all your needs... how best to please you. In other words, how to give you lots of orgasms."

Nehushtan stares at her in shock for a long moment...
long enough for Willow to worry she's overstepped the mark.

And then the goddess's delighted silver laughter echoes through the entire dimension.

ETA: There's now a sequel to this story, In Sure And Certain Hope.
Tags: buffy, fic
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