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Miscellaneous meanderings

Looks like I'm in the same boat as a few other people from the UK, in that my copy of After The Fall #4 hasn't arrived at my Friendly Local Comics Store this week. So the review will be delayed indefinitely. I did buy the Buffy comics omnibus volume 3 instead, though, and I may have something to say about that once I've finished reading it. Although logically, I ought first to talk about the other two volumes which I got before Christmas...

In the meantime, if any of my flist is interested in reading meta about Spike (hey, it's a long shot but maybe...) candleanfeather  wrote an essay about his depiction in 'Restless' and what it symbolises about him.

Changing the subject entirely*, I got to see the first couple of episodes of The Sarah Connor Chronicles recently. Good fun in a mindless "explosions - car chases - cute members of your preferred gender(s) with huge guns" sort of way. And it has Summer Glau as a spooky, mysterious girl who's been purpose-designed as a killing machine... which seems, well, kinda familiar somehow. Can't imagine where I've seen that before. Actually, the whole 'teenage girl with superstrength who can beat up bad guys twice her size' concept rings a bell.

*This may not be true.
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