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StephenT [userpic]

(Fic) Death Is Her Gift

25th February 2008 (01:48)
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It seems like ages since I wrote a drabble... This is for the open_on_sunday     prompt "Leap". 

Death Is Her Gift

Merrick's face looms up before her, bluff and officious, 
      as he speaks the words that will change her life forever...

        ...then his eyes spring 
                    open wide 
            as Lothos bites into his neck...

                    ...eyes which fade into the 
               confused, accusing, helpless look 
                               Angel gave her as she 
                      thrust him into Hell...

                                 ...the sword in her hand becoming a 
              knife as she plunged it into Faith's stomach...

                    ...rushing over to gaze down at 
                her mother's cold, lifeless face...

                     ...that fades into her 
               sister's frantic tear-stained cheeks...

                          ...As she said her 
               last farewell 
                            and turned...

                   ...Ran to the 





Posted by: woman_of_ (woman_of_)
Posted at: 25th February 2008 16:12 (UTC)

Very imaginative, excellent!

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 25th February 2008 19:35 (UTC)

Thank you! It was one of those ideas that demand to be written as soon as you think of them...

Posted by: candleanfeather (candleanfeather)
Posted at: 26th February 2008 19:34 (UTC)

I like what you do here with the "fondu-enchainé" of images (sorry I don't know the word for that in english, it's a technique used in the cinema when one image melt on the screen to give birth to another one)It has a very cinematographic feel to it. That's good and original.

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 26th February 2008 20:51 (UTC)

'Crossfade'? You're right, though, I was definitely visualising this, as I was writing it, as a series of images fading into the next one as Buffy's past life flashes before her eyes.


Posted by: The Mezzanine (deird1)
Posted at: 4th December 2009 02:15 (UTC)

This is excellent!

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