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(Fic) Drabbles

Re-posting a couple of Buffyverse drabbles I wrote for open_on_sunday   :

For the prompt 'Shift':


Red Shift

She sat hunched in the seat, bag clutched on her lap.

Imagine a vehicle moving away from the observer...

She didn't look through the window, gaze focussed inwards.

...Light moves at a constant speed. But a receding source...

Leaving forever. If only she could escape her own memories so easily.

...Yes, thank you, Willow. Can anyone else tell me the answer?...

The wrong answer, the only answer. Shocked betrayal in his eyes as she killed him.

...The light from receding objects is shifted to red...

There should have been red.
Blood on her hands. is lost as distance increases...

(Trivia note: when I wrote this, the scene I had in mind was Buffy sitting on the bus leaving Sunnydale at the end of 'Becoming Part 2', and remembering a school physics lesson from earlier that year. However, most of the readers assumed it was Willow leaving Sunnydale with Giles after 'Grave', probably because I referenced her by name in the flashback. It actually works okay for both, though the bit about "shocked betrayal" is obviously more applicable to Angel than to Warren.)

For the prompt 'Palm' (and appropriately enough, written on Palm Sunday): 

It Would Have Been Like Woodstock

The donkey plods on, the man on its back less of a burden than the hot sun on its head. At least the road is soft; a lush carpet of palm leaves. People wave more around them, excited shouts ringing in their ears.

In a darkened, shuttered room, someone peers out through the window, carefully avoiding the direct sunlight.

"Listen to them. Romans aren't gonna like this. Be bloodshed before the week's out." *

"That's why we came."

"Not just us. Whole city's full of our kind."

"Sure. If I'm right, vampires will be talking about this for another 2,000 years..."

*Translated from the Aramaic.

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