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Paleyfest musings

Earlier I was listening to the podcast of the Buffy reunion at the Paley Festival on Friday, and I transcribed a few parts of the talking that I thought were interesting... plus a few of my own thoughts. 

Starting with the question on everyone's lips: Angel or Spike?

MODERATOR: I'm going to take this conversation onto a very serious plane now. Asked all the time. Final analysis, final verdict: Angel or Spike? 
SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR: (Unclear) : Well, which do you want it to be? [OR] Well, who's sitting next to me? 

ETA: Listening to it again, I'm going to go with "Well, who's sitting on stage?" [points to JM]

NICHOLAS BRENDON: Well given the comicbook I think, I think Willow.
SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR: I did not know about this until about five minutes ago. And someone was saying to me, "So, how do you feel about, you know, you know, Buffy's new relationship?" and I'm like, "Uh oh," "She's with a woman!" and I'm like "She's with Willow? What?"
??MICHELLE TRACHTENBERG: No she's with a woman. I didn't know either.
JAMES MARSTERS: I'm not in the comic book, am I?

Unfortunately, Sarah's initial reply wasn't very clear, and there are several different versions of it circulating. I've put how the words sounded to my ears. Apparently she did turn to look at James as she was speaking, though...  (And I think James's question at the end was a reaction to Buffy being in a gay relationship... maybe he was wondering if a similar fate had befallen Spike...)

The remark that has given joy to haters of Season 8 everywhere:

MODERATOR: If you were to make another project does the comic live in its own world or do you tell another story, or what would happen if you were... hypothetically?
JOSS WHEDON: Hypothetically, if you could make things align that would be fun. I ended up when I was doing the comic... I wrote a comic 'Fray' which took place 200 years in the future thinking there is no way this can ever affect the show and so it'll be safe. And then we ended up using a little of that mythology with the Scythe - that, you know, that was from the comicbook - and so I sort of felt an obligation to work into that mythology. And it would be lovely to make it all tie in but if I had to shoot down everything I'm doing in comics because... [The podcast doesn't have the end of that sentence, but various articles on the discussion say he finished with: "...we were doing a project, a film with these actual people, I wouldn't lose a lot of sleep."] 

So Joss would be willing to dump anything and/or everything from the comics if he had to in order to do a new Buffy movie. Mind you, the impression I got is that he'd also be willing to kill his grandmother and sell his firstborn son into slavery for the same opportunity, so I'm not stressing overmuch about this. :-)  And there were significant differences between 'Firefly' and 'Serenity' which would have the canon purist up in arms. When it comes down to it, Joss is all about storytelling and emotional resonance, not worldbuilding with painstaking attention to detail and continuity. He has fans (and Drew Goddard) for that sort of thing, and while he tries to be consistent when he can ("if you could make things align that would be fun") it's not his first priority.

On which note, I bought 'Serenity: Better Days' #1 recently, and in a reply on the letters page Joss comments on a continuity error in the previous Serenity comic 'Those Left Behind', where it implied that Wash joined the crew of Serenity to be with Zoe, but in the TV show he'd already signed up before he met her:

"He met her as he checked out the ship. So he could have taken the job 'cause of her. And Warren was dead! He was dead for 1/40th of a second, okay?"

He's not going to forget that one in a hurry. :-)

A cute interchange between Sarah and James:
SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR: I've seen a bunch of lists recently where it talks about favourite characters, favourite shows. I saw the 'best love scene'... it was you and me, by the way.

(ETA: And again: after this James shouts out "(something something), Angel!" "Take that!" sounds reasonable.

And one between Amber, Seth and Michelle:

AMBER BENSON: I had no idea that Alyson and I were going to become lovers... I mean, not in real life...
SETH GREEN: That was later.
MICHELLE TRACHTENBERG: I'm learning so much about everyone.

I like Amber's sense of humour... though it's a bit surprising after knowing her as Tara for so long. I even get the impression that when they gave Tara more risqué comments later in season 6, like the "cramp in your pants" routine in 'OAFA', that was actually the writers letting Amber be more like her real self. :-) On which note, go to 52 seconds in in this YouTube clip to see what she and Alyson were apparently like on set...  (NSFW if your workplace or managers object to video of actresses in their underwear making lewd comments about masturbation) :-)

And in a similar vein later, Amber reveals her intimate knowledge of fandom, and sheds some light on Dawn's controversial "Willow was like a mom to me!" comment in the comics:

AMBER BENSON: I don't think people realised how intense the reaction was going to be to her [Tara] passing away and stuff, um, I'm just really pleased that we got to do it, that we got to have that relationship. And whether it goes on... or it doesn't go on... or it ends up in a comicbook somewhere, or it ends up on a, you know, a porn video somewhere, um... [interjection from audience: Fanfic!], fanfic, really, I'm getting it on with Giles and Willow at the same time.... [One of the panel members remarks that he's writing that story right now.]

AMBER BENSON (CONT'D): I just think that Joss, did a beautiful thing he created this relationship, and that's what we need to focus on, the fact that we had this beautiful relationship with two people, who happened to be women, and I think they had the best relationship on the show. I think... they raised, or helped to raise Dawn, I think they were there for her...
SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR: Hey, I was there! I participated! I was a little dead but I participated!

I loved Sarah's tone of voice there...

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