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StephenT [userpic]

(Fic) We Just Declared War - Chapter 6 (and last)

1st April 2008 (00:51)
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 Chapter One of this story is here

Buffy has hunted demons before. She's seen her share of killing and death. But when she crosses through a portal to confront her nightmare, she discovers that this time, it's not just another big bad to fight. Not just a battle. This time, it's war.

Rating R. This chapter: 2878 words. 

The Only Way To Be Sure

As they leave the atmosphere and match orbits with the starship Sulaco, Buffy is as excited as a four year old in a toyshop at Christmas. She's in space! Her nose is practically pressed to the window as she stares out at the countless stars, burning so steadily, and the curve of the planet beneath them. Newt watches her with amused tolerance, and in response to Buffy's gentle probing shyly admits that she's been in space once before when she was very small, but she doesn't remember much because she was asleep most of the time.

Ripley joins in the conversation now, and Buffy discovers - through careful questioning to hide her ignorance - that they'll all have to go into some sort of hibernation for the journey back to Earth. That sounds good, actually; she was wondering how she could arrange to slip away without rousing too much awkwardness, but she also doesn't want to miss anything. With the big bad demon queen blasted to nuclear oblivion, she deserves a holiday, surely? A holiday in space. Once the others go into cold sleep she can activate the portal to go back home, but until then she's going to see as much as possible.

The dropship passes through the airlock, and Buffy waits impatiently for the inner doors to open. She understands the reason why they have to do this, but it seems to take forever for the huge chamber to fill up with air. At last the process is complete, though, and Bishop hovers the ship down to a gentle touchdown on the steel deck of the landing bay.

Space was, of course, huge; but somehow this internal space feels even bigger: perhaps because it's man-made. Buffy has to be dragged away from the window - she's just spotted a rack of enormous, vicious-looking missiles stacked in one corner of the room, and is speculating on how many vampires she could kill with one of them if they were obliging enough to all stand shoulder-to-shoulder in a circle. But Ripley and Bishop are discussing getting stretchers to take the casualties up to Sickbay, and Buffy feels guilty then, and decides to help.

Besides, maybe Sickbay will have even more cool stuff to see, like cryogenic tubes or surgical robots, or one of those holographic scanner thingies like the cute doctor guy used in that episode of 'Firefly'. (Unfortunately, she's gathered that there won't be an actual cute doctor guy there in person. According to Ripley the ship is mostly automated... they're the only living things on board.)

Or so she thinks, until she's walking down the ramp of the dropship and notices something wet dripping down from above and landing on the deck with a hiss.

And melting its way into the steel.

She opens her mouth to call a warning... and something huge and black and shiny bursts out of Bishop's chest. It's sharp and jagged. Like a harpoon. White fluid bursts from the wound. More of it bubbles out of his silently working mouth. Something in the back of Buffy's mind is going "Huh? He's not human?" He's rising into the air. Arms and legs flailing madly. Buffy's hand moves automatically to the Scythe slung on her back. Ripley and Newt are staring in shock. She can see now that it's a demon tail impaling him...

And then Bishop is torn in half in a flash of claws, and white blood and body parts fly in all direction, and a vast, vengeful shape is squeezing her bulk out of the landing leg bay where she's stowed away, and Buffy is shouting "Get out of here" to the other two, and she's bracing herself to attack, but in her mind she's thinking that this thing already survived a whole bunch of grenades being fired at it, and she doesn't know how to kill it. She doesn't know how to kill it.

Feet clatter on the metal grating. The queen's head whips around instantly at the noise, sees Newt and Ripley fleeing for safety. She hisses hungrily, and Buffy knows she has to distract her - and quickly. So she may not know how to kill it yet... but she'll find out. 

Violence often works. Violence and witty quips work together even better.

"Hey! Hey, you! Evil bitch-monster of death!" The queen turns back to regard the small, blonde human who dares to stand before her. Buffy puts her hands on her hips, tilts her head to one side. "You know, this 'unkillable enemy that comes back five times in the final act' thing is getting pretty old. I don't think the forces of Evil are really trying anymore. You need to get a new scriptwriter."

The huge demon returns her gaze, tail lashing from side to side in perplexity... but her brain is designed to reach only one conclusion. She lunges suddenly straight at Buffy, claws extended to smash and tear. But the Slayer anticipates the move, diving under the queen's blow and rolling between her legs, swinging the Scythe around with all her strength.

It scrapes off the queen's armour in a shower of sparks, leaving nothing but a blurry scrape mark across the black chitin. 

That's not good. The queen moves around ponderously, without the lightning-fast reflexes of her smaller children, but the strength of her blows when she strikes the deck - just where Buffy was lying an eyeblink earlier - is hard enough to crumple steel. Keep moving, she tells herself; one hit and you're dead. As for killing it herself: still very much a work in progress. Slow progress. She needs better weapons.

And then the cargo bay door opens and Ripley strides out clad in half a ton of steel and hydraulics, and Buffy stares open-mouthed in shock and delight. So that must be what she meant by a 'power loader'. Buffy decides that contrary to initial impressions, she approves of Ripley. Far from running off to hide, she's come back to help with a better weapon.

The queen forgets about the annoying small human beneath her feet, more eager to challenge an opponent closer to her own size. Buffy doesn't care; she's got a ringside seat as Ripley manoeuvres the power loader closer then swipes at the demon with its huge steel claws, sending the monster flying into a pile of crates. It scrambles to its feet, but Buffy cheers as its head is caught in the loader's hydraulic grip, squeezed tight. But then the queen's tail lashes around, slamming into the cockpit and almost knocking the huge machine off its feet. Ripley struggles for balance and the demon wriggles free of her grip.

Buffy sees the tail flex, sees a stinger at its tip the size of a swordblade, and shouts a warning as the queen lunges forward with it, striking through the bars protecting Ripley's seat. She twists her head frantically to the side and the vicious weapon misses; but the queen is withdrawing it ready for another blow. She might not be so lucky next time.

Then the giant demon feels her tail snag on something. Buffy's got back into the game. Ripley needs her help, and she's got a plan. She waits for her moment, waits until the queen's lashing tail swings closer to the deck, waits... then leaps and swings. The Scythe slams down on the tail, pinning it to the deck; but even now she's barely notched the armour. The queen shrills in anger, yanks her tail upwards...

...Just as Buffy presses down on the Scythe with all the strength and determination she possesses. Demon and Slayer muscles combine together, and the mystical edge of the Scythe carves through the demonic armour and cleaves the tail clean off. It twitches wildly, the stinger leaking poison, and a great jet of yellow blood sprays out, catching Buffy on the side as she hastily rolls aside. Her gasp of agony is lost in the queen's desperate squeals of protest; the demon is thrashing around in pain, and Ripley takes the opportunity to grab her in the power loader's claws once again. 

The motors of the loader howl with strain, but the queen's armour resists the pressure. Buffy's crying tears of pain as she hastily strips off her jacket, her body awash in a sea of fire from armpit to hip. She's got to get back into the fight, Ripley needs her help... she doesn't recognise the noise behind her and almost falls down the opening shaft. There's a remote control on the power loader, and Ripley's opened the inner airlock door. She shuffles over towards it in a clumsy dance, demon and machine locked in a deadly embrace, and tries to throw her into the pit.

The queen's flailing claw clamps onto the loader's leg, and pulls it down with her. Buffy tries to stand, but her legs tremble and collapse under her, and so she drags herself over to the edge. Shiny black limbs and yellow steel are a tangled mess at the bottom, and Ripley is urgently unstrapping herself and trying to climb the ladder out.

Then the queen whips out her tail and tries to wrap it about Ripley's foot... but the mangled stump hits the wall a metre below her, and Ripley drags herself over the lip of the pit with a gasp of relief. Pushes the button to close the inner door, then grins viciously as she poises her hand over the other button.

"Screw you, bitch." 

Her hand slams down. The heavy steel blocks out most of the sound, but there's a faint inhuman scream of anger and protest... then nothing.

It's over.

Buffy uses the Scythe to prop herself up as she struggles to her feet. Gives Ripley a wan smile of triumph, waves off her concern. "We were on our way to Sickbay anyway, weren't we?"

Half an hour later, the survivors of the expedition are all gathered in the ship's living quarters, patched up and as healthy as modern medicine can get them. (Or modern robotics technology, in the case of Bishop. Buffy's still kicking herself she didn't realise he was an android; after all, she's had enough practice spotting them by now. Though he's not nearly as pretty as her robot double was.)  She's just about to ask for a guided tour when she frowns in thought. A nasty thought, which has just hit her...

"Um, this is a warship, isn't it? An armed spaceship?"

"That's right, Miss. She's a Conestoga-class rapid response military transport, with--"

"Okay, I get the picture." She's rapidly discovering that Lieutenant Gorman can be both pompous and long-winded, although he's still quite subdued after the almost-massacre of his command. "So it has weapons, right? Laser beams, or, I don't know, photon torpedoes, or whatever?"

"What sort of target were you planning to hit?" Hicks sounds amused, but Buffy isn't joking.

"What do you think? The big momma demon is out there floating somewhere."

"Screw her. She's dead."

Buffy looks Vasquez in the eye, then sweeps her gaze around all of them.

"You sure of that? You sure being in space will kill her?"

There's a long moment of silence. When it breaks, Ripley's voice is almost as cold as space itself.

"We'll do it. Now."

The Sulaco's fire control centre is an impressive bank of terminals with a large screen in the middle. Buffy takes the seat before anyone can stop her, turns to Gorman for instructions. He guides her through the process - it's mostly automated, anyway - and it's only minutes before the ship's scanners pick up a small unreflective mass in close orbit. Buffy breathes a silent sigh of relief... she'd half expected the demon queen to be clinging to the outer hull, ready to hitch a ride back to Earth. 

The computers confirm the target, present a fire control solution. Buffy turns to look at Ripley, smiles grimly. "This time, it's my turn." Then she pushes the button.

Electromagnets buzz to life and a quarter-ton mass of tungsten steel is propelled down a tube at ten times the speed of sound. Milliseconds later it smashes through the floating space object... which abruptly vanishes from the radar screen. It seems almost anticlimactic, and she's just getting up to leave when Ripley says "Wait."

All eyes turn to her.

"You've also got ground attack weapons? You can bombard a planetary target?"

"That's right."

"Buffy, set up a new attack. Coordinates 103.2 north, 265.4 west." 


"What? Oh... it's where we landed last time I was here. Where Burke sent those poor damn fools to their deaths. A ruin, a wrecked ship, I don't know - but it's full of eggs. Full of them. So use the biggest damn weapon we've got."

"I can't authorise that--"

"It's where they came from, Gorman. It's the source. We end this now."

He hesitates a moment; then nods in acceptance. "Do it."

Buffy keys in the codes, then looks at the list of weapons available. Her lips curl in innocent joy as she sees what's at the top of the column. She's Slayed with a lot of different weapons in her past, but she's never used one of these before. She pushes the button.

Nothing happens, except for a blinking red light. Huh?

"You need authorisation." Gorman leans over, taps a code into the panel. Then looks over at Hicks "Corporal?"

"Yes, sir." He smiles at Ripley as he walks over to enter his own code. "Never done this before."

"Your first time is always the best."

Buffy's only half-aware of the banter. She's looking at the panel, and the little message that's just appeared on it. 'Nuclear weapons release authorised'. She reaches out her hand again. Hesitates.

"Ripley, perhaps you should do this?"

"You go ahead, honey. You've earned the right."

"No. I want to do it." And all eyes turn to see Newt, who's standing in the door to the chamber looking totally focussed and determined. "We're going to blow them up, right? Destroy them all for ever and ever?"

"That's right, sweetheart." Ripley looks around at the others, sees only agreement. "Come here then."

She picks up the little girl and carries her over to the terminal. Newt's tiny hand covers the button, and after a moment Ripley lays her own on top of hers. And then Buffy puts her hand on the top of the pile, and the three of them exchange a glance, and Newt pipes up "On three. One, two, three..."

There's a distant clunk from somewhere in the ship. A signal appears on the scanners; a number counting down to zero.

And then far below on the planet's surface, a small sun burns with fusion heat, then fades slowly into a radioactive afterglow.

This time, it really is over.

The others are already asleep, the walls of their cryochambers misting slowly as the temperature drops. Ripley looks questioningly at her. "You sure you can manage it by yourself? I can put you under first if you want..."

"No, I'll be fine. You go ahead. I just need to, uh, stretch my legs first. Maybe we'll be able to talk more back on Earth." She wishes it were true. "Pleasant dreams."

"I'm planning not to dream. Finally - and it's thanks to you."

"No problem." Buffy smiles, watching as Ripley's cryochamber closes. She reaches in her pocket for the crystal Willow gave her just before she left, then hesitates.

No. She's being paranoid.

When you've been a Slayer as long as Buffy has, you learn to trust your paranoia. She dashes back to the cargo bay, walks under the dropship, staring up into the landing leg mechanism. It looks safe enough...

She does a standing jump up, grabs the lip of the bay, peers inside.

Darkness. There's nothing there.

Or... wait. Right there at the back, something is catching the light. She needs a flashlight, or something... she remembers. Goes back into the dropship, picks up a handful of those flares Ripley was using earlier, and returns. Lights a flare, tosses it into the dark void.

And rolls her eyes as she sees what it reveals. Two large, lumpy demon eggs nestled side by side at the back of the landing leg bay. The queen must have brought them with her, or laid them in there, or something...

"I knew it! I just knew it!"

The Scythe whistles around, and the eggs shatter. The embryonic demons inside fall to the ground, half-formed and helpless, and Buffy slices them to pieces. Then for good measure kicks and prods the pieces down to the deck, and shovels them into the airlock. She remembers how Ripley operated the controls, and repeats her actions, and they're gone. She gets the feeling she's just averted something terrible.

This time, surely, it's-- no. Don't say it. You'll only jinx things.

She takes out the crystal, places it on the deck, and stamps on it. Jumps back as the portal shoots up from the glittering shards, stretches out into a wavering Slayer-sized tear in the fabric of space.

She takes a last look around, steps through, and goes home.

The End.


Posted by: Beer Good (beer_good_foamy)
Posted at: 1st April 2008 08:23 (UTC)


That was impressive. Having it mostly from Buffy's POV was interesting, giving us some nice little nods to her s8 self when it comes to weaponry etc. (Having Buffy Summers dropping nuclear bombs is a... slightly disturbing image, actually. In a good way.) I must say I was wondering what there actually was for her to do in Aliens - Ripley is arguably the only female character in movie history who could out-kickass Buffy, and as much as I like Vasquez, rescuing her doesn't really make a huge difference - but of course, she ends up not changing Aliens as much as preventing Alien3. Sort of. Awwww. (Ripley/Hicks = OTP.)

(I was halfway hoping that there'd be some sort of parallel between Weyland-Yutani's plans and Buffy's current situation, especially since that company actually exists in the Jossverse too... sequel?)

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 1st April 2008 10:29 (UTC)


Having Buffy Summers dropping nuclear bombs is a... slightly disturbing image, actually

That's what I thought when I wrote it. :-) Given her fascination with weapons and destruction, you just know how she'd jump at the opportunity to use a nuke for real.

The truly disturbing part would be if she decided to smuggle one back to the castle with her...

Ripley is arguably the only female character in movie history who could out-kickass Buffy

That's why I introduced the friction/competition between them in the early part of the story... Buffy's not used to the competition. And I was trying to share out the cool stunts so both of them got their share of the spotlight, without upstaging either of them. (Although Ripley spent most of 'Aliens' terrified out of her mind... Buffy would be a lot cooler about things, I think. It's what she does every day, after all.)

Buffy rescued Gorman as well as Vasquez, don't forget. ;-) But yeah, my main aim was that she'd stop Alien³ from ever happening - and if I recall rightly, didn't the eggs in Alien:Resurrection come from the crashed derelict on LV-426, so by blowing it up didn't I stop the fourth film as well? Or am I misremembering?

Posted by: Beer Good (beer_good_foamy)
Posted at: 1st April 2008 11:01 (UTC)

if I recall rightly, didn't the eggs in Alien:Resurrection come from the crashed derelict on LV-426, so by blowing it up didn't I stop the fourth film as well?

AFAIR, they got the aliens in the fourth movie from Ripley - she got infected between Aliens and Alien3, and they then used blood samples taken in Alien3 to clone her, xenomorphic parasite and all. And any similarity between the A:R version of Ripley - dosed with Alien DNA - and other female superheroes dosed with the strength of that which they're supposed to fight is completely accidental. Really. ;-)

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 1st April 2008 11:21 (UTC)

Of course, by stopping Alien3 Buffy also prevented Ripley from being implanted with a Queen parasite in the first place... but I was under the impression that they had a supply of normal eggs as well as the queen taken from her clone. But I may be wrong, it's a long time since I saw the film.

I actually liked Ripley in A:R, though; Weaver did a very good performance as someone who's disturbingly not quite human.

Posted by: Beer Good (beer_good_foamy)
Posted at: 1st April 2008 11:28 (UTC)

but I was under the impression that they had a supply of normal eggs as well as the queen taken from her clone

Come to think of it, you may be right; it's been a while for me too. I'll have to watch it again.

I actually liked Ripley in A:R, though; Weaver did a very good performance as someone who's disturbingly not quite human.

Oh, absolutely. Her performance is part of the reason I'm one of the few who keep defending that movie... the notion that the crew of the Betty is pretty much the blueprint for Firefly is another. Up until the atrocious ending, A:R is pretty damn good.

RIPLEY: Who do I have to fuck to get off this boat?
JAYNE JOHNER: I can get you off. Maybe not the boat...

Posted by: Elena (moscow_watcher)
Posted at: 1st April 2008 19:18 (UTC)

(Ripley/Hicks = OTP.)

Awww. I thought I was the only Ripley/Hicks shipper in the whole world. :)

Posted by: Beer Good (beer_good_foamy)
Posted at: 1st April 2008 19:45 (UTC)

Awww, no. I love that little ad hoc family thing they've got going with Newt.

Posted by: Elena (moscow_watcher)
Posted at: 1st April 2008 20:12 (UTC)

I love that little ad hoc family thing they've got going with Newt.
I remember reading an interview with Carrie Henn in which she talks how James Cameron told her how he plans to develop family dynamics between the three of them.

Posted by: curiouswombat (curiouswombat)
Posted at: 1st April 2008 18:19 (UTC)
Reading 2

Excellent! I rather like the illustrations, too.

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 1st April 2008 18:54 (UTC)

Thank you! (And I'm glad you liked them; I kept thinking "I need to finish the story! No, I want to do another manip! I've only got a day to the deadline! Yes, but I haven't got a picture for chapter five yet!" ) :-)

Posted by: Elena (moscow_watcher)
Posted at: 1st April 2008 19:14 (UTC)

Terrific story! Loved it enormously. You - I mean, Buffy - saved them! Yay!

The illustrations are neat and the logo is incredible.

Small nitpicking: I doubt that Newt is six. Carrie Henn was nine when the movie was shot.

And - a weird thought: so, Buffy returns to the world in which Joss hasn't written Alien Resurrection. I wonder how different that world would have been. There are shards of Alienverse all over BtVS. In Out Of Mind Out Of Sight the scene where Buffy is looking for Marcie is modeled after Ripley looking for Newt. In The I in Team the scene with Riley tracing Spike's beacon spoofs the famous "They're already in the room" moment. And Buffy's jump in Gift echoes Ripley's jump in A3...


This time, surely, it's-- no. Don't say it. You'll only jinx things.

Hee! Classic!

Posted by: Beer Good (beer_good_foamy)
Posted at: 1st April 2008 19:43 (UTC)

There are shards of Alienverse all over BtVS.

Not to mention that eternal problem of doing crossovers in a 'verse where the characters know their pop culture. ;-)

MRS BURKLE: I mean, Rog's always had a thing for those disgusting Alien movies with all the slime and teeth. He just can't get enough of 'em. Except for that last one they made. I think he dozed off.

Posted by: Elena (moscow_watcher)
Posted at: 1st April 2008 19:59 (UTC)

Not to mention that eternal problem of doing crossovers in a 'verse where the characters know their pop culture. ;-)

I wonder if there is a BtVS\Star Trek crossover where Faith is actually fighting a Vulcan. :)

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 2nd April 2008 02:26 (UTC)

By the way, something I'm curious about - at what point did you (both BGF and Moscow) realise that this was an 'Aliens' crossover? Did the title and my use of the phrase "This time, it's war" in the summary give the game away straight away, or did you have to start reading into the story before it became obvious? (Or did you read the highlight-text?)

Posted by: Beer Good (beer_good_foamy)
Posted at: 2nd April 2008 06:09 (UTC)

I cheated. :-) But I'd like to think I would have gotten it with the "Mama bug" reference, and most definitely by the end of the first chapter (slime and tongues with teeth are pretty obvious giveaways).

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 1st April 2008 21:21 (UTC)

Thanks! Glad you liked it.

I doubt that Newt is six. Carrie Henn was nine when the movie was shot.

I found a copy of the draft script online to refer to - I assume it's genuine - and it includes this:

Ripley closes the doll's eyes and hands her back. Newt rolls her eyes as if to say "don't pull that five-year-old shit on me, lady. I'm six."
Ripley...she doesn't have bad dreams because she's just a piece of plastic.

I assume that finding a 6-year old actress was harder than finding a 9-year old. After all, Sarah Michelle Gellar is also 3 years older than Buffy...

Buffy returns to the world in which Joss hasn't written Alien Resurrection.

That's always a problem with cross-overs. I just had to assume, for the sake of this story, that the Alien films never existed in the Buffyverse. The parallels you mention - including the most obvious of all, 'Bad Eggs' and the scene in Buffy's bedroom - are just coincidences.

'Firefly', on the other hand, clearly does exist in this version of the Buffyverse. :-) I do think Buffy's conscious mind would think Simon was the sexiest character, although something disturbing in her id would be drawn to Mal instead. Wash would remind her too much of Xander. Not sure how she'd feel about Jayne. She'd admire Zoe, but of course she's not attracted to her at all, because she's not gay, is she?

Posted by: Elena (moscow_watcher)
Posted at: 1st April 2008 21:35 (UTC)

"don't pull that five-year-old shit on me, lady. I'm six."
I assume that finding a 6-year old actress was harder than finding a 9-year old.

Good points. I didn't know about the existence of the online script. I adore Aliens but my obsessive period ended before the appearance of the Internet. :)

Not sure how she'd feel about Jayne.

While Mal sounds like Spike and Angel's love child, Jayne sounds like Spike and Hermony's love child. So, I suppose we'd get some kind of chemistry... :)

She'd admire Zoe, but of course she's not attracted to her at all, because she's not gay, is she?

No - but she may be experimenting! ;-)

Posted by: The Mezzanine (deird1)
Posted at: 4th April 2008 07:13 (UTC)

Violence often works. Violence and witty quips work together even better.
Such an excellent explanation of Buffy fighting techniques!

And good on you for working out a way to avoid the next movie...

This was extremely entertaining. Well done!

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 4th April 2008 12:00 (UTC)

Thanks for reading! And especially for leaving the comments after each chapter about the bits you enjoyed most; that's always the best kind of feedback.

While there are things that aren't awful about Alien³, I don't think I ever really recovered from the bit at the start where it was "You know those characters you got all emotionally invested in back in 'Aliens'? Well, they're all dead now. Ha ha!"

Posted by: I write tragedies, not sins (mabus101)
Posted at: 4th April 2008 20:33 (UTC)

Oh, this was fun! I could have done this in "Electric Wolves", I guess, but Buffy never did encounter the xenomorphs in that one. (Spike got facehugged. Then Clem bit the thing's head off when it burst out. Who knew they were so yummy?)

I always have trouble fitting characters in without radically altering the story. That's why I don't usually do fic set in the same period as canon.

It's kind of a shame you couldn't have Buffy do that cool move Taran'atar (a Jem'Hadar) does in one of the DS9 continuation novels. He's fighting xenomorphs on the holodeck, one pins him down and tries to get him with that interior mouth. His arms aren't free, so he does the only thing he can--he bites it off! (Being a Jem'Hadar, the acid burns aren't so bad.)

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 6th April 2008 10:52 (UTC)

Thanks! Alhough I think Buffy's reaction to the thought of biting off a Xeno's tongue would be "A world of eww! Can you get any more gross?" :-)

Posted by: The One Who Isn't Chosen (gabrielleabelle)
Posted at: 30th December 2009 04:42 (UTC)
willow lighter

Buffy with nukes? I approve of this. *thumbs up*

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 30th December 2009 12:59 (UTC)


Posted by: red_satin_doll (red_satin_doll)
Posted at: 22nd March 2013 17:25 (UTC)

Violence often works. Violence and witty quips work together even better.


I wonder how you were going to parse it out with two kick-ass heros and not shove Ripley completely to the side even if Buffy is the protagonist, and I think you did it very nicely. Extra points for reworking the "bitch" line to suit the situation.

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 22nd March 2013 18:28 (UTC)

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

I did wonder about how to fit two strong, determined, heroic leader-type personalities into the same fic, before deciding that the obvious way was for them to clash horribly in a battle of one-upmanship at first before learning mutual respect.

(Later on I wrote a Conan crossover as well - sadly never finished - and faced the same problem. But I cheated there by changing my original idea to make Willow, not Buffy, the protagonist who teamed up with Conan.)

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