StephenT (stormwreath) wrote,

(Meta) The once and future Slayer

I posted a shorter version of this on BuffyForums, but I'd be interested in my flist's suggestions too...

If Buffy is King Arthur (and the Scythe is Excalibur), then...
  • Giles is Merlin, the wise mentor who guides her when she's young but later disappears from her life.
  • Willow is Nimue, the sorceress who supplants Merlin and takes over as Arthur's mystical advisor.
  • Xander is... um, Sir Bedivere, the loyal cup-bearer who supports Arthur (and is the last to leave his side after his death)?
  • Faith is Morgan le Fay, Arthur's sister who loves him, then betrays him and becomes his bitterest enemy, only to be finally reconciled with him and escort him to his rest in Avalon.
  • Angel is Guenever, Arthur's first true love, who eventually betrays him with someone else (possibly because she and Arthur can never have children together).
  • Spike is... hmm. Pre-soul, I'm tempted to say Sir Tristram, with the love potion making him fall in love with Buffy/Arthur instead of Isolte. Post-soul, maybe Sir Lancelot (in his "parfait gentil knight" phase rather than his "I'm sleeping with the Queen behind the King's back" phase. Though opinions on that may vary...)
  • If Angel is Guenever and Spike is Sir Lancelot, that means... uh oh. Not going there. :-)
  • If Spike is Lancelot then Principal Wood is Sir Agravaine - the one who revealed Lancelot's crimes and tried to get Arthur to have him executed.
  • Vampires are obviously Saxons.
  • The Holy Grail would be Buffy's attempt to have a normal life? Or to end all evil forever?

Thoughts? Disagree with my choices? Any other Arthurian characters you can parallel to Buffyverse ones?

Tags: buffy, meta
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