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(Meta) My Season 8 Links List

I've been updating the links list at the side of my journal pages, and discovered that there's a size restriction. :-(   So what I thought I'd do instead is collect here links to all the reviews and meta and fic and stuff I've written on Season 8.

"Why not use the tags?" you ask? Well, because I only started using a 'season 8' tag fairly recently and inconsistently, so a lot of stuff doesn't have it...

Episode Reviews

8.01 - The Long Way Home I  *
8.02 - The Long Way Home II *
8.03 - The Long Way Home III *
8.04 - The Long Way Home IV *
8.05 - The Chain *
8.06 - No Future For You I *
8.07 - No Future For You II *
8.08 - No Future For You III *
8.09 - No Future For You IV *
8.10 - Anywhere But Here *
8.11 - A Beautiful Sunset *
8.12 - Wolves at the Gate I *
8.13 - Wolves at the Gate II *
8.14 - Wolves at the Gate III *
8.15 - Wolves at the Gate IV *
8.16 - Time Of Your Life I *
8.17 - Time Of Your Life II *
8.18 - Time Of Your Life III *
8.19 - Time Of Your Life IV *
8.20 - After These Messages... We'll Be Right Back! *
8.21 - Harmonic Divergence *
8.22 - Swell *
8.23 - Predators and Prey *
8.24 - Safe *
8.25 - Living Doll *
8.xx - Tales of the Vampires: The Thrill *
8.26 - Retreat I *
8.27 - Retreat II *
8.28 - Retreat III *
8.29 - Retreat IV *
8.30 - Retreat V *
8.xx - Goddesses and Monsters *
8.31 - Turbulence *
8.32 - Twilight I *
8.33 - Twilight II *
8.34 - Twilight III *
8.35 - Twilight IV *

Note: all new S8 reviews are tagged as season 8 review

DHMSP - Harmony Comes to the Nation

Annotated Scripts

8.01 The Long Way Home I *
8.02 The Long Way Home II *
8.03 The Long Way Home III *
8.04 The Long Way Home IV *

General comment post on the scripts


This Isn't About Hate  (How and why Amy "rescued" Warren. Rating 15.)
That Kiss  (Buffy and Willow, missing scene from 8.03. Written after 8.05. Rating PG.)
Netherlands to Nepal, Part 1 (Willow finds a way to break the spell on Dawn. It involves sex. Rating 15.)
Netherlands to Nepal, Part 2 (The unique problems of having sex when you're 12 times taller than your partner. Willow/Dawn, rating 18R.)
...And Shopping (Buffy and Satsu go online clothes shopping. PG.)
Slumming (Drabble, PG. Faith and Gigi have more in common than they think.)
Unstylish Yet High-Priced Boots (Slayer fashion choices and the burdens of being Buffy. My personal favourite of my S8 fics. Rating 15.)
Director's Commentary on Unstylish Yet High-Priced Boots *
Legally Dead (How and why Kennedy came to be dead for a month. Another of my favourites. Willow/Kennedy, rating 15.)
Director's Commentary on 'Legally Dead' *
And All My Secrets Laid Bare (Willow seduces the serpent goddess Nehushtan (who we now know is actually called Saga Vasuki in canon). Sequel to 'Legally Dead'. Three chapters, rating 18R.)
Matthew 1.23, Except Not (Set six or so years after S8. Willow has some exciting news for Buffy. PG).
We Just Declared War (Crossover with a well-known science fiction film, but the first chapter is set in S8. Rating 18.)
Dead Letter (While in mourning for Anya, Xander writes a letter to Dracula. Rating PG.)
In Sure And Certain Hope (Kennedy's dead, but Willow is coming to get her back. Sequel to 'And All My Secrets Laid Bare'. Willow/Kennedy, rating 18.)
Past Imperfect, Future Conditional, Present Tense (Season 1 Buffy meets Season 8 Buffy thanks to time-travel going wrong. Four chapters, PG.)
Performance Review (Kennedy reviews Satsu's performance as squad leader - an alternative take on 'Swell' written before that issue came out. Rating 12)
Lost And Found (Explaining just how the Japan Slayer Squad acquired its own submarine. Rating PG.)
In the Encircling Night (Drabble, exploring the motivatons of the vampires in 'Safe'.)
Cinnamon is Not the Only Chapstick (Drabble; Kennedy helps Satsu get over Buffy. Rating PG.)
Behind the Mask (A possible idea on who Twilight might actually be. Now Jossed, of course. Rating PG.)
Parallel Lines (Kennedy asks Willow about her past history with Buffy. Rating PG.)
A Crack In Space (Crossover with Doctor Who. Space sex and Daleks! Rating PG.)


Season 8 Opening Credits (By Nerf Herder)
I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor (By Arctic Monkeys. Faith/Buffy.)

(I count the last one as a 'Season 8' vid because it was inspired by Faith's revelation in 'No Future For You'  that she's a fan of the Arctic Monkeys. The actual video clips come from the TV shows.)

Long Meta

Note: many of these cover the whole series, not just season 8.

It's About Power *
Identity, choice and heroism (with a digression on Existentialism) *
Why Is Dawn A Giant? (Note: written before the Kenny-Nick revelation, but it's mostly a meta on Joss's storytelling technique, not the plot.)
Willow's Telepathy *
Robbing Banks for Fun and Profit *
All About Satsu (Giant picspam of everything published on her up through 8.12, with analysis)
What Did Buffy Do Next? (Poll and discussion about Buffy's options after 'Chosen', both in canon and fic)
Analysis of the poll results here.
Why I Love Season Eight  (45 reasons why.)
Foreshadowing in 'Always Darkest'  (Re-reading that story after the big Twilight reveal.)
Comics Sales Figures - with graphs (Up to 8.31 and 'Angel' #29)
Buffy the Bank Robber *
70 Season 8 Plotbunnies *
Buffy's Character Arc and Choices in Later Season 8 (From 8.16 to 8.33)

Short Meta

My reaction to complaints about lack of female empowerment and the comics being "Joss's fanfiction" (written after 8.02)
Is Season 8 Canon? *
What does 'The Long Way Home' mean? (written after 8.03)
Ten Reasons Why Amy Stayed in Sunnydale *
Season 8 Timeline *
Casting Satsu (In which my flist comes to the conclusion that Ito Misaki should play her on TV.)
Thoughts on Georges Jeanty's artwork and the Buffy-Giles relationship *
Thoughts on the ramifications of Buffy's new life of crime. *
Buffy and Satsu - an opinion poll (In which I discover that a slight majority of my flist were taken by surprise by 8.12)
Poll on sexual relationships in the workplace (in which 'slightly unwise' was the majority view)
The Fate of Dawn (poll on what would happen to her if "all magic" were banished from the world.)
The Twilight Reveal (analysis of what it might mean for the story.)
Some S8 Foreshadowing (with hindsight about who Twilight really is, a new look at some previous issues.)
Some Background Information (Scott Allie on licencing issues and how he and Joss work together.)
Poll: Buffy and Satsu (Was their relationship realistic, or shamless pandering to straight men?) 


Season 8 icons *
Satellite Photo of Sunnydale *
"Willow's crimes have all been whitewashed now' icon (Warning: may contain sarcasm)
Keeping the Faith (Picspam analysis of Faith's character development. Definitely contains sarcasm.)
Giant Dawn Wallpaper (1024x768)
Three icons on the theme "Buffy in season 8 is isolated and miserable and lonely" (Yep, more sarcasm.)
Making Best Use of your Assets (Why Buffy should include Satsu on the mission to Japan. Created after 8.12.)
Chibis of Satsu and Renee, plus others.
 Why Being Scott Allie is One of the Most Dangerous Jobs in America

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