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(Meme) Opening Lines

Opening lines meme inspired by[info]azdak. Post the first line from your last 20 stories. Do you see any patterns? I've excluded drabbles from this. I was also unsure if I'd actually even written that many stories, but turns out I had to go back less than a year to reach 20.

"School sucks. Homework sucks more. And History homework is, like, exponentially suckier."
- Past Imperfect, Future Conditional, Present Tense

It was the proudest day of Don Cristobal de Menendez y Spinoza's life when his ward was Chosen as Slayer.
- Caught Sleeping

He ran his finger over the spine of the book ruefully. This was going to be rather different to what he'd expected.
- The Slayer's Handbook

It's quiet here. Soft and warm. Enveloping. She drifts, empty, silent, still.
- In Sure And Certain Hope

Through bloodstained battle Buffy danced.
- The Chooser and the Chosen

The clanging and yelling of the battle had faded. Even the moans of the dying grew faint.
- Once and Future

"Weird. That's not something you see every day."
- A Storm Coming In

It had been forty years or more since Buffy held the Scythe, but her fingers closed about it now as if it were part of her.
- How The Heroes Die

She's dead.
- Dead Letter

Buffy hates portals. She associates them with death and suffering.
- We Just Declared War

"Buffy? I'm not disturbing you, am I?"
- Matthew 1.23, Except Not

Willow kneels on the grass, her head bowed. She is naked, as the ritual demands; and the constant gentle rain feels oddly warm on her bare skin.
- And All My Secrets Laid Bare

Kennedy was still embarrassed by the fireplace.
- Legally Dead

Plenty of screwing went on in NCWF Stockton. Faith wasn’t particularly surprised; she’d heard all the jokes about women’s prisons.
- Stockton Gala Days

Faith picked up the book carefully in both hands and walked into the kitchen.
- Getting In The Game

*brrr*  *brrr*  *brrr*  *click* "Wolfram and Hart, Harmony speaking, how can I help you?"
- The Phonecall

Buffy collapsed down onto her bed with a sigh. It wasn't getting any easier.
- Unstylish Yet High-Priced Boots

If Buffy was surprised to find the main boards lit up in the middle of the night, she tried not to show it.
- ...And Shopping

"You've done it? You've really done it?" Dawn leaped to her feet and bounced excitedly, causing seismic detection stations to trigger alerts across half of Scotland.
- Netherlands to Nepal

Angel adopted a defensive stance, eyeing the peculiar stranger warily.
- Stealer of Souls

Well, I think the main pattern is that there's no real pattern to my opening lines... Only 25% of them start with a line of dialogue, which was rather less than I was expecting. 35% start with action, with me describing somebody doing something. Another 30% begin with a description of the scene or the emotions being felt by the people there, and 10% start with a more general scene-setting description. I think that shows a bias towards jumping straight into things, not wasting a lot of time on talking about what's going on, although there's no absolute restriction on the other approach.

Oh, and 70% of the opening lines include a person's name, letting you know who the story is going to be about. Six Buffy, two Faith, one each of Angel, Dawn, Willow, Kennedy and Harmony, and one OC. More Buffy than I'd expected, and less Willow. Mind you, I am sometimes guilty of never mentioning the people's names anywhere in the story, which is probably a bit self-indulgent. (And trusting that my characterisation is accurate enough that people will work it out anyway.)

Tags: buffy, meme, meta
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