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Last week, I put together an index of all the fic I've written in the two years I've been on LJ. Today I did a bit of poking around with the numbers.

Apparently I've written 55 drabbles, 12 ficlets (under 500 words), 19 stand-alone fics and 6 multi-chapter fics with 24 chapters between them, for a total of 110 individual items of fiction. That comes to a grand total of 90,662 words... which on the one hand sounds like an awful lot; but on the other, NaNoWriMo participants are expected to write 50,000 words in a single month, and I only managed 90,000 in two whole years...  Now I've depressed myself. :-)

Other fun facts about me (Excluding drabbles, and counting chapters as individual fics):


  • My longest fic is still Hiywan's Story at 14,877 words, despite it being unfinished.
  • The longest completed fic is We Just Declared War at 12,562 words.
  • 6,000 words seems to be about the longest fic I can write in a single burst of inspiration.
  • My average fic is 1,548 words long.
  • I've written six fics with explicit sex scenes. That's 11%. So far, none of the sex scenes have involved men.
  • The people who've got lucky in my fics have been Willow, Kennedy, Tara, Buffy, Dawn, Faith and Saga Vasuki.
  • 13 of my fics involve the death of a human. Featured characters I've killed off include Faith, Kennedy, Buffy and Willow. Five fics involved the dead character's experiences in the afterlife.
  • Only 1 of my fics (plus one drabble) involves the conception and birth of a human. This is possibly out of balance. :-)
  • Out of 55 fics, 44 were set in the Buffyverse, 2 in the Sarah Connor Chronicles, and 9 were crossovers of the Buffyverse and something else. I've written a couple of drabbles for 'Firefly' but no longer fics.
  • In my crossovers, Buffy has met Cameron (from T:SCC) and Ripley and the Colonial Marines (from 'Aliens'). Angel has met F'lar and Lessa (from the Dragonriders of Pern series) and Elric of Melniboné. Buffy has also encountered Odin and Faith has met St Peter, but I'm not counting those as crossovers.
  • Buffy herself has featured in 25 of the 53 fics I've written set in the Buffyverse. Willow appears in 23. All the other characters appear much less often: Kennedy has been in 8 of my stories, Faith in 6 (and Hiywan also in 6), Xander in 5, Tara, Dawn, Satsu and Angel in 3 each. Spike only appears in one story so far, although not because I'm deliberately avoiding him, I promise...
  • Among the more unusual pairings in my stories have been Willow/Giant!Dawn, Buffy/Buffy and Kennedy/Tara.
  • 10 of my fics are set before the TV series began, 12 during its continuity, and 31 are set after it. 8 of the latter are explicitly set in Season 8 or 'After The Fall', and 4 in the remote future well after the series ends. The other 19 are in a more vague "post-Chosen" time period, although once Season 8 was published I made them conform to canon wherever possible.

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