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Meta Index Post

This is a companion to the Fic Index Post I made a couple of months ago. As such, it lists all the major items of meta, literary criticism and analysis I've written in my two and a half years on LJ. Unlike the fic index post, this is sorted into categories to make it easier to find things. Within each category the posts are still in date order, so you can see how bad my earlier efforts were compared to more recent stuff. :-) I've also added a short synopsis of each item to show what it was about.

Character Analysis

Why Kennedy Was Possibly The Best Thing Ever To Happen To Willow
1,315 words.
The title speaks for itself, really. My third LJ post ever, drawn from a debate on the Usenet btvs group.

Did Buffy Have A Deathwish?
1,032 words
In 'Fool For Love', Spike tells Buffy that every Slayer has a deathwish. Was he right? Is that why she jumped in 'The Gift'?

Buffy, Spike, Willow: Three Hero's Journeys. Ch.1: Departure
1,540 words
An analysis of these three characters' arcs using the framework of Joseph Campbell's 'The Hero With A Thousand Faces.'

Buffy, Spike, Willow: Three Hero's Journeys. Ch.2: Initiation
1,848 words
An analysis of these three characters' arcs using the framework of Joseph Campbell's 'The Hero With A Thousand Faces.'

Buffy, Spike, Willow: Three Hero's Journeys. Ch.3: Return
1,669 words
An analysis of these three characters' arcs using the framework of Joseph Campbell's 'The Hero With A Thousand Faces.'

Pride, not Ethics - Willow's Sense of Morality in Season 6
945 words
How Willow's greatest strengths almost became her downfall. This essay sets out my basic ideas on Willow's character and personality.

An Interview with Willow
1,389 words.
A more general overview of Willow's personality as I see it, written in the form of an interview with her.
Director's Cut
This is the same interview, but with my comments and clarifications interspersed. Written two months later.

Spike's Soulquest
1,843 words
An in-depth study of Spike's motivations for going to get his soul at the end of Season 6. Includes an analysis of how the misdirect about the chip was built up, and what his words about it actually mean in light of the later reveal of his true purpose.

Ten Reasons Why Amy Stayed in Sunnydale
640 words
Why didn't Amy leave town along with the rest of Sunnydale's inhabitants at the end of Season 7, and got herself trapped in the crater instead? I suggest ten possible reasons.

Keeping The Faith
297 words
In which I discuss, with the aid of screencaps and far too much sarcasm, whether it was in character for Faith to accept the mission to kill Gigi in 'No Future For You'.

Robbing Banks for Fun And Profit
1,857 words
A look at Buffy's attitude to committing crimes in order to defeat evil and save the world; and how and why her sense of ethics and obligation has developed over the years between Seasons 1 and 8.

More S8 Meandering
355 words
Speculation on whether the tainted source of the Slayer Army's finances is affecting Buffy's attitude to spending money on herself, and her relationship with Giles. Some insightful suggestions in the comments here too.

The Grand Buffyverse Sexuality Survey
771 words
A poll (which received 140 responses and 73 comments) on what position on the Kinsey Scale each of the main characters on the show should be placed at.
Buffyverse Sexuality Survey - Results
793 words
Analysis of the results of the poll.

All About Satsu
5,332 words
A comprehensive, illustrated analysis of everything we've learned about Satsu from all her appearances in Seasons 7 and 8 up through issue 8.12.

The Will to Power: Willow, Magic and Power after Season 6
2,000 words
A discussion of the lessons Willow learned after almost destroying the world in Season 6; how long it took her to come to terms with herself, and the choices she made about magic, power, and her life (and love-life). Warning: essay includes pretentious quotes from Nietzsche as chapter headings. Sorry.

Risk The Pain: It Is Your Nature
2,422 words
An analysis of Buffy's character arc over the entire series, in which I argue that she shows clear growth and development (not all of it positive) as each season builds off the events of the previous ones. This essay generated the most comments out of everything I've ever written on LJ so far.

Faith's Childhood
3723 words
A review of the evidence for what Faith's childhood was like, plus my conclusions, speculations and interpretations of what wasn't mentioned on screen.

Analysis of Themes and Plot Arcs

Buffy Season 4: A Question of Identity
2,893 words.
An in-depth look at the plots and characters of season 4, in which I argue that the search for identity forms the overarching theme, then break this down in terms of each main character's own development.

Who Would Win In A Fight: Astronauts or Cavemen?
1,113 words.
In which I first answer the question literally, then show how it applies as a metaphor to the overall arc of 'Angel' Season 5. Incidentally, the correct answer is 'astronauts'.

It's About Power
2,568 words
An analysis of the theme of power throughout the series, and how Buffy's character arc relates to it and to the authority figures in her life. The second part of the essay looks at how these themes are being used in Season 8, as highlighted by the actions of Amy and Ethan and how they both contrast to and resemble Buffy's own morally questionable actions.

"Tell Me How To Make It Better" - Willow, Faith and Repentance
3,854 words
A look at how the issue of repentance is handled in the Buffyverse, along with a discussion of how and whether Willow and Faith were able to repent for the evil they committed.

Identity, Choice and Heroism, with a Digression on Existentialism
2,067 words
An attempt to explain how Joss expresses Sartre's Existentialist philosophy in his works, with particular reference to the unnamed protagonist of 'The Chain'. Was she a hero or a victim? Is that even a meaningful question to ask?

Why Is Dawn A Giant?
1,352 words
In which I suggest several possible storytelling reasons why Joss might have introduced this particular plot element into Season 8, and broaden the discussion into a look at the 'in medias res' dramatic technique and the different ways of explaining background plot elements in a story.

Magic As A Metaphor For Gay Sex
676 words
A new reading of Season 6 in which I suggest that Willow's magic can continue to be a metaphor for her lesbianism, rather than that symbolism being cast aside in favour of the whole "drugs and power" thing.

Faith, Reason and Morality, Terminator-style
854 words
Meta for the 'Sarah Connor Chronicles' (although inspired by Buffyverse discussions of vampires and souls) in which I inquire whether a Terminator would ever be able to develop a sense of ethics and altruism, with reference to Catherine Weaver's and Cameron's explorations of this area.

My Season 7 Manifesto
4,740 words
Ten statements which I believe to be true about the more controversial aspects of Season 7, such as the ethics of the Slayer empowerment spell or the wisdom of Buffy's plan of attack in 'Chosen', with justifications.

How the Buffyverse Works

The Secret History of the Slayers
3,111 words
My thoughts on the origin of the Slayers, the Shadowmen and the Guardians, where the Scythe came from, and how and why a Potential becomes a Slayer. Basically, this essay sums up my understanding of the whole Slayer mythology - it also inspired the writing of Hiywan's Story about the First Slayer.

More Prehistoric Buffyverse Musing
546 words.
In which I argue that the Grigori described in the Book of Enoch might be a distorted folk memory of the early Watchers' Council.

Sunnydale Photo
243 words
A satellite picture of Sunnydale (adapted from the Google Maps image of Santa Barbara) designed to show how Sunnydale can be both in the desert and near the ocean.

Season 8 Timeline
655 words.
An attempt to work out the date on which Season 8 begins, reconciling this with Dawn's age and other factors.

Willow's Telepathy
1,537 words
After describing all the canonical occasions in which Willow used telepathy in the show I go on to speculate on the nature, consequences and limitations of her mind-reading powers.

A Guide To 'Fray'
2,038 words
A description, with 24 icons to illustrate it, of the background, main characters and overall story arc of 'Fray'. This was mostly intended as a primer for people reading B8.16-19 'Time Of Your Life' without having read the earlier comic first.

Scoobies and their Sextoys
820 words
In which I speculate on what techniques and toys the main characters on 'Buffy' prefer to use when masturbating.
More On Scoobies And Their Sextoys
2,587 words
An expanded version of the last essay with many additional comments in response to the feedback on my first post, plus a couple of characters I missed out first time around.


30 words
Official badge, icon and t-shirt of the People Who Don't Hate Kennedy Club. This post still gets comments over a year later. :-)

Buffy Opening Credits
774 words
An analysis - with lots of pictures - of the gender balance in the show's main cast from season to season, as illustrated in the opening credits.

Casting Satsu
187 words
A discussion, and poll, as to which actress should play Satsu if Season 8 ever made its way onto TV.

Fanfic Titles
963 words
A meme in which I explain how I chose the titles of ten of my fics.

The One And Future Slayer
284 words
In which I list out a dozen parallels between BtVS characters and Arthurian legend.

Opening Lines
644 words
Meme where I list the opening line of my last 20 fics and look for a pattern.

Musings About Fic
515 words
After preparing my Fanfiction Index Page, I did some statistical analysis of the trends in the fic I've written - who are my favourite characters, what percentage of my stories include a sex scene, that sort of thing.

Five Favourite Fics
792 words
Meme in which I list my five favourites out of the fics I've written myself, and explain why I like them.

Thoughts On Genderswap Fanfic
1,126 words
A discussion of the conventions of genderswap, the expectations of readers and authors, and the way the characters are shown reacting to the change in stories. Written while I was working on my own genderswap fic 'One Day In The Life Of Buffy Summers'.

Debate About the 'Buffy' and 'Angel' Comics

Reaction to Reaction to the Comics
1,044 words
In which I argue against the ideas that the first two issues of Season 8 were demeaning Buffy, pandering to the male gaze and "only Joss's fanfiction."

Season 8 and Canon
570 words
My opinion on whether the Season 8 comics should be considered canon or not.

'The Long Way Home' - What Does It Mean?
666 words (yes, really)
In which I speculate on the possible meanings of the first arc's title.

76 words
In which I create an icon to sum up my opinion of the argument that Willow's crimes in season 6 have all been exonerated now that Warren turned out to have 'survived' after all.

A Couple of Thoughts on Season 8 So Far
570 words
A discussion of whether the drawing style makes the characters look like children, and speculation on the rift between Buffy and Giles.

Buffy and Satsu: an Opinion Poll
159 words
A poll in which I ask if readers were surprised by the plot twist of Buffy going to bed with Satsu, and what they thought about it.

He's Not Dead, He's Resting
351 words
A poll, inspired by the S8 Warren plot twist, in which I ask whether bringing a person back from the dead would absolve their killer of guilt. (About 10% of the replies thought it would at least to an extent).

Commentaries on my own Fic and Videos

Commentary on 'When Did The Light Die?'
2,094 words.
A commentary on my Faith/Buffy vid to the Sinéad O'Connor song 'Troy'. The second thing I ever posted to LJ.

Commentary on 'Faith the Vampire Slayer (Opening Credits)'
1,550 words.
A description of how I made this adaptation of the BtVS opening credit sequence for frogfarm's FtVS virtual series.

Director's Commentary to 'Hell's Heart'
3,382 words.
An analysis of my fic in which Faith's soul has been damned to hell, but she fights her way into heaven instead.

(Vid) Boy From The Mouth of Hell
1,435 words
A commentary on my Spike vid to the Pogues song 'Boys From The County Hell'

(Vid) I Bet You Look Good on The Dancefloor
1,344 words
A commentary on my Faith/Buffy vid to the Arctic Monkeys song.

(Vid) Season 8 Opening Credits
403 words
A commentary on my version of the BtVS opening credits for Season 8.

Buffy's Fashion Sense and Season 8
4,002 words
In which I give a director's commentary on my fic 'Unstylish Yet High-Priced Boots' then discuss the possible reasons why Buffy is wearing combat gear instead of skimpy skirts and halter tops in Season 8.

Director's Commentary on 'Legally Dead'
8,288 words
A commentary on my fic in which Kennedy persuades Willow to kill her.

(Vid) Angel:After the Fall Opening Credits
358 words
A commentary on my opening credits for Angel:After the Fall.

Some Thoughts On Writing My Last Fic
2,176 words
A discussion of the writing process for my Buffy/Aliens crossover fic 'We just Declared War', along with more general thoughts on how I write Buffy herself as a character in my fics. See also the next item in this list.

Commentary on 'We Just Declared War'
5,208 words
A commentary on my cross-over fic in which Buffy goes through a portal and finds herself on LV-426 about two-thirds of the way through the film 'Aliens'.

(Fic Commentary) A Storm Coming In
3,917 words
A commentary on my cross-over fic in which Buffy and her friends meet Cameron (from the 'Sarah Connor Chronicles'). if you've ever wondered why a lethal combat cyborg from the future appears to have borrowed Willow's fuzzy pink sweater, here's the explanation.

(Vid) It's Not
792 words
A commentary on my Buffy-in-Season-6 vid to Aimee Mann's 'It's Not'.

Director's Commentary on 'In Sure And Certain Hope'
6,389 words
A commentary on my fic (sequel to 'Legally Dead') in which Willow brings Kennedy back to life.

Director's Commentary on 'One Day In The Life Of Buffy Summers'
5,723 words
A commentary on the first half of my fic in which Buffy wakes up one morming to discover she's turned into a man overnight.
Director's Commentary on 'One Day In The Life Of Buffy Summers'
4,940 words
Part two of the commentary.

Reviews of Buffyverse Publications

NOTE: I've not listed my reviews of the Season 8 comics here because they're all linked from my Season 8 Links page instead.

Spike:Shadow Puppets #1
1,498 words

Angel:After the Fall 6.01
2,660 words

Angel:After the Fall 6.02
849 words

'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' 1.00 Unaired Pilot
1,503 words
A review of the unaired pilot version of 'Welcome to the Hellmouth', commenting on the differences to the version that was actually broadcast.

Angel:After the Fall 6.03
1,554 words

Angel:After the Fall 6.04
711 words

Angel:After the Fall 6.05
899 words

Dr Horrible and Megan Gogerty
1,713 words
Mostly a review of Megan Gogerty's 'I Miss Buffy' tribute album, with some comments on Dr Horrible.


The Long Way Home - Annotated
380 words
An annotated transcript of the first four issues of Season 8. The link is to an index page, which in turn links to the four transcripts.

Buffy Unaired Pilot
5,068 words
A transcript of the unbroadcast pilot episode of 'Buffy', that would eventually (after many changes) become 'Welcome To The Hellmouth'.

Buffy: The Origin
5,272 words
A transcript, with my commentary, of the canonical comic book adaptation of Joss's script for the original 'Buffy' movie.

Buffy - The Origin: Part 2
4,442 words
Second part of the transcript and commentary

Buffy - The Origin: Part 3
4,070 words
Final part of the transcript and commentary.

Audio Commentary for 7.22 'Chosen'
7,360 words
A transcript of Joss's commentary on the episode 'Chosen'.

BtVS 7.01 'Lessons' Audio Commentary by Joss W and David S
7,405 words
A transcript of the commentary by Joss and David Solomon on the episode 'Lessons'.

BtVS 6.07 'Once More With Feeling' Audio Commentary by Joss W
8,869 words
A transcript of the commentary by Joss on the episode 'Once More, With Feeling'.

BtVS 5.16 'The Body' Audio Commentary by Joss W
6,146 words
A transcript of the commentary by Joss on the episode 'The Body'.

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