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(Meta) Five favourite fics

frogfarmasked me (and a bunch of other peoople) to list my five favourite fics out of the ones I've written myself, on the basis that therere's nothing wrong with being pleased with your own work sometimes.

Of course, choosing just five turned out to be really, really hard. It kind of depends what mood I'm in and which way the wind is blowing. But in the end I went for five that represent different facets of my writing.

Hell's Heart
A surprising number of my fics deal with what happens after a character dies. I've riffed off Christian, Norse and Arthurian mythology, and written in comedic, tragic and epic modes. Sometimes all at the same time. This was my first attempt at the theme, however, and while some of the later fics move me more, this one still has a fond place in my heart. And I particularly like the way I introduced it, with one simple line of text:
Faith Lehane, born 30 December 1980, died 19 April 2007. This story is set three days after her death.

Netherlands to Nepal
This is another side of my writing: humorous and really, really pervy. I enjoy taking a situation from the canon text and exploring what the ramifications of it would actually be, without shying away from the nitty-gritty details and burning questions such as "Do angels menstruate?" or "How do you go to the bathroom if you're 60 feet tall?" In this fic, for example, Dawn has to have sex in order to shrink her down from giant size. This may therefore be the only fic ever written which contains the sentence "...scrabbling for purchase on the wet and slippery slope until she found a precarious foothold. Then realised that she'd just stuck her foot into Dawn's vagina." I'm strangely proud of that.

Legally Dead
This, by contrast, reflects the more serious side of my writing (although still with a fair amount of humour mixed in): it's straightforward storytelling with character development and a plot and humorous dialogue with a serious undertone and emotional resonances. It's also an example of something I'm apparently noted for: a sympathetic treatment of Kennedy and her relationship with Willow. Even if, um, the story does climax with Willow stabbing Kennedy through the heart with a silver dagger. It's a thing. This fic is also the first installment of my story arc dealing with Willow's "six-month mystical walkabout" between seasons 7 and 8, and I really ought to think of a snappy collective name for them all (three fics so far). Maybe "Ascension"?

This Isn't About Hate
Another thing I tend to do sometimes is present meta in the form of a story. I think it's easier to get the message across that way, without getting all preachy or dogmatic. In this instance, I wanted to explain why I thought it was credible for Amy and Warren to have teamed up, and how Amy could have rescued him from Willow, and what her motives were. I'm particularly proud of the fact that I chose to have a certain entity that can take the form of any dead person it chooses appearing to Amy as her mother, before Joss published issue 8.04 of the comic and revealed that Amy was, indeed, still freaked out by her mother's influence on her.

Past Imperfect, Future Conditional, Present Tense
I could have picked a dozen other fics as my fifth favourite, but in the end I went for this one, because it's one that was simply lots of fun to write. It started off as a ficlet and ended up 6,300 words because I just kept on thinking of more and more ideas I wanted to fit into it. It's a time-travel story: Buffy from 2004 meets Buffy from 1997, and a whole lot of things you've wondered about in the show get explained.

Now if it had been top ten favourites, I'd have also included Intrusion (my first non-drabble fic ever), From Ancient Grudge (my first all-dialogue fic), For A Few Kisses More (my first explicit porn), Dead Letter (my one and only Xanderfic), and We Just Declared War (my favourite of the crossover stories I've written).


Finally, in the spirit of an old meme BGF and I cooked up: the titles, in order, are:
1. A quotation from Melville's 'Moby Dick' (or Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, if you prefer).
2. A riff on the saying "May to December" about a relationship between two mismatched people.
3. A combination of Hotblack Desiato's tax status from 'Hitchhikers' and the movie 'Legally Blonde'.
4. A quotation from Amy in the episode 'The Killer In Me'.
5. Grammatical terms chosen for their double meaning in terms of the story. :-)

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