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StephenT [userpic]

(Fic) One Day In The Life Of Buffy Summers (Ch.1 of 10)

22nd November 2008 (01:44)
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As promised in my last meta post, here's Chapter One of my genderswap fic.

Early season 7, 13,999 words in total, this chapter 1648 words. Rating will go up to 18R but this chapter is rating 12. Characters featured in this chapter, in order of appearance: Buffy, Dawn and Willow.

Buffy's having a really strange day...

Chapter 1: In which Buffy wakes up

As Buffy Summers awoke one morning from uneasy dreams, she found herself transformed in her bed into a man.

Her first reaction, of course, was to assume she was still dreaming. An extremely weird dream, at that. What on earth had she been eating (or, possibly, drinking) last night? Regardless, this dream was no good at all. She closed her eyes and willed herself back to proper sleep.

The buzzing of her alarm clock woke her again. She shot out her hand to turn it off, and recoiled in pain as her knuckles bashed into it and sent it crashing to the ground. Ow. What on earth? Her arm seemed somehow longer than normal. She held it up to look at it, and blinked at the huge hand in front of her eyes. That wasn't her hand. It was a man's hand.

The fingers still bent when she clenched them into a fist. It was a man's hand attached to her body. Oh God. The odd fingers that looked nothing like hers plucked at the top of the bedsheet. She knew she ought to lift it up and look down at her body, but she really didn't want to. Oh Godohgod. Come on, Buffy. You're the Slayer, fearless in the face of danger, aren't you? So she gingerly pulled up the sheet and peeked down the length of her body. No boobs restricted her view. Pulling open the neck of her baggy PJs revealed two tiny, shrunken nipples almost lost in curls of golden fuzz. She stifled a shriek, let go of her nightwear as if it burned her and pulled the blanket right up over her eyes, which she closed tightly.

It was definitely a nightmare. Things would all go back to normal if she ignored them for long enough.

Unfortunately, a thunderous banging on the door interrupted her attempt to deny the new reality of her world.

"Come on Buffy! Aren't you even up yet? You promised to take me out shopping today!"

Oh God. When did her cute little baby sister get so loud and insistent? It was true, she had offered to spread some of the wealth from her shiny new counselling job, but not now! She couldn't go out like this...

"Leave me alone!" She was shocked at how deep her voice sounded. Dawn was obviously just as surprised, because a distinct note of concern sounded in her next words.

"Buffy, are you okay? You sound really rough..."

And before Buffy knew what was happening her bedroom door was opening. She frantically burrowed under the covers, curling into a ball to avoid revealing any tell-tale signs of her new shape, and peeked one cautious eye out of her blanket nest. At least her sister's words had given her a glimmer of an excuse. She deliberately spoke barely above a whisper.

"Sorry, Dawnie. I think I've got the 'flu or something.Can we take a raincheck? Maybe Willow could take you."

Dawn rolled her eyes. "She's not up yet either. I don't know what you supposed adults were doing last night, but I'm glad I don't drink."

"I am not hung over! I just... look, I just want to spend the morning in bed. Will you be okay?"

"Sure. I'll go over to Janice's. Can I get you anything?"

"Thank you, no. I just want to rest."

Buffy breathed a sigh of relief as her sister bustled out again, but waited until she heard the slam of the front door before she could fully relax once more.

Then she lifted the blankets to look at her body and tensed up all over again. It hadn't gone away. It was real. She was still a man.

Her brain was working properly now though, and she began to think through the possible causes for her affliction. This was obviously a spell of some kind... or a curse. Had someone made a wish in the hearing of a vengeance demon? But why would that affect her? She hadn't upset any scorned women lately that she knew of. Well, there was Spike of course, but he wasn't actually a woman and she couldn't imagine any vengeance demons granting his wishes anyway. So that left magic. Had some witch's spell gone wrong...?

Twenty seconds later Buffy was marching down the corridor and throwing open the door of Willow's room, demanding to know what she'd been doing. Her friend's tousled head lifted from the pillow, she opened bleary eyes and focussed them in Buffy's direction...

...Then shrieked and jerked upright in the bed, pulling the bedclothes defensively around her.

"W-who are you? Get away from me!"

"Don't be stupid. It's me!"

"G-get out of my room or I'll call Buffy! She's the Slayer, she'll..."

"Willow, I am Buffy!"

"What? Uh, no you're not. Buffy's a girl."

"Yeah. I used to think so too. Has one of your spells backfired?"

"What? No! I - I haven't... I'm careful now, you know that. Is that really you? Buffy?"

"Yeah, it's really me. And I'm not liking it."

"You're a guy! Wow. You're actually a guy. How did this happen?"

"That's what I'm trying to find out."

As they were speaking Willow threw back the covers and was now advancing towards Buffy, a look of frank curiosity and even fascination shining in her eyes. She walked a complete circle around the Slayer, who felt distinctly uncomfortable under the scrutiny.

"Seen enough now?"

"Wha-? Oh. Sorry. It's just - you're a guy!" She grinned suddenly. "You're the first man to see me in my night-things in about three years."

Buffy didn't find that at all funny. She was not a man! She looked challengingly at Willow, taking in her friend's really rather cute nightie, the long sweep of her legs below it, the plunging neckline, the light dusting of freckles on her chest that drew her eyes enticingly downwards towards swelling curves; and as Willow leant forward slightly to peer more closely at her friend's mysterious tranformation, Buffy's eyes became fixed on the slight jiggle of her boobs, the way her nightie fell open for one tantalising moment at the neck to reveal them; and a warm flush spread up through her, and then...

"Oh my God, it's moving!" She shrieked, springing back bodily in her alarm."It's come alive!"

"What?! What has? What's happening?"

"It's.. it's my... it's that thing! It's moving of its own accord!"

Buffy pointed frantically at her crotch. Willow followed her gesture, then burst out in an absolutely helpless fit of giggles. She tried fruitlessly several times to speak, before finally wiping the tears from her eyes and gasping out in a choked voice, "You've got a stiffie!"

Buffy's face burned with mortification. "No, I - I can't have. How can you even know that?"

"It's right there in front of me, Buff. You can't exactly hide it." 

But she was wrong, because Buffy immediately grabbed a pillow and held it defensively in front of her. She wailed in desperation. "I hate this! You've got to help me, Will!"

"Of course I will. You know that. But if you don't know who did this to you, it might take some time. We'll have to go into research mode." As she spoke, another thought suddenly crossed her mind, and her brows furrowed. "Hold on. Did looking at me just turn you on?"

"What? No, of course it didn't!"

"Um, there's a rather large and obvious bit of evidence to the contrary here. It's sticking right out in our faces." She giggled again.

"But I didn't... That's not fair! It's cheating!"

"Yeah, being a guy must suck sometimes. But there's no denying that something just made you horny." She looked at Buffy impishly. "So was it me?"

"It can't be! You're my best friend. As in, "platonic" friend. I don't feel that way about you! I mean, you're a definite hottie and I'm sure if I were gay I'd be all over you, but I'm just not!"

"Which I've always thought was a great shame. But, uh, if you're not, how do you explain - ooh! Ooh! I've got it! Yes! Oh Buffy, this is wonderful! Finally, some proof!"

Buffy stared in confused astonishment at her friend's enthusiastic outburst. "Uh, splainy?"

"Nature versus nurture, of course! See, you've spent your entire life as a straight woman so if the focus of your sexuality is down to your upbringing and social conditioning, you'd still be attracted to men now, right? Because nothing in your past has changed. But if it's something physical from your genes that determines your sexuality, well then, your brain - which used to be female and heterosexual, therefore man-attracted - has obviously just become male, but still heterosexual and as such female-attracted. Like reversing the polarity."

When Buffy still looked puzzled, she clarified, "You're still straight, but now you like girls instead of guys." Then Willow pouted, and added, "Which is just my luck, seeing as how your body is now male. Mutter mutter grumble."

"Uh, sorry. I think. But now you've had your little epiphany, can we try and change me back?"

"Sure. But can we, y'know, get dressed and stuff first? I should probably slip into something a little less revealing, for your sake."

"Perhaps you should. Anyway, I need to go to the bathroom. I came straight here when I got out of bed, I kind of had other things on my mind to distract me."

She turned and made for the door, feeling a lot calmer than before. They were back into the familar Scooby Gang rhythm, and she was confident Willow and the guys would soon solve her little problem.

Then she froze in a fresh burst of horror as Willow's laughing voice called out behind her, "Don't forget to put the seat down again after you've finished!"


On to Chapter Two


Posted by: The Anti-OTP (snowpuppies)
Posted at: 22nd November 2008 04:21 (UTC)

Oh! Great beginning.

I love Buffy's initial discovery and her reactions - checking for her boobs (and wouldn't that be a shock? *glances down*). And then the erection with the mind of its own, followed by Willow's launching into an explaination of the nurture vs. nature debate...

Very well done - humorous, but still getting the scooby machinery in progress.

Also - love the last line. :P

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 22nd November 2008 13:46 (UTC)

Poor Buffy's all traumatised and Willow just thinks the whole thing is really, really funny. And that last line was just something I had to include, as I'm sure anyone who's ever lived in a mixed-sex household would agree. (Although since Willow actually hasn't done that for the last four years, I assume she's just read about it.)


Posted by: none of the above (frogfarm)
Posted at: 22nd November 2008 04:47 (UTC)

I will show my dignity and restraint by refraining from comment until this is posted to completion. In the meantime, you may ignore any gleeful giggling as the product of your obviously fevered imagination.

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 22nd November 2008 13:42 (UTC)





Posted by: eowyn_315 (eowyn_315)
Posted at: 22nd November 2008 05:38 (UTC)
Thinky James 2

Ha! I should've known you of all people would go for a Kafka reference. :)

Interesting twist on it with Buffy having a heterosexual male's orientation. Generally (again, from my vast knowledge of this genre) the gender-swapped character retains their sexuality, so if they were a heterosexual female, they'd still be attracted to men... but the (straight) men wouldn't be so attracted to them anymore, lol.

I'm curious to see if Buffy has any other instinctively male reactions (though I'm not sure what that would be without stereotyping) to support Willow's brain gender theory. Based on other bodyswaps we've seen, I would've assumed that Buffy's brain is Buffy's brain and wouldn't change at all, otherwise male Buffy isn't just Buffy in the wrong body, it's the person Buffy would be if she'd been born with a Y chromosome, and thus not really Buffy at all.

And now my head hurts... lol.

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 22nd November 2008 13:35 (UTC)

Well, what I'm going for is "the person Buffy would be if she'd been born with a Y chromosome", BUT with the addition that she's spent the last 22 years of her life being female, and has all the memories and conditioned expectations that go with that.

So in other words, she's totally conflicted and confused. :-)

As for the first line: I didn't want to waste a lot of time setting up how Buffy changed sex, because that's not the focus of the story. I just wanted to jump into medias res... so after a few alternative beginnings, I thought "Why don't I just have her wake up and discover she's turned into a man overnight?" That reminded me of 'Metamoprphosis', so I looked up an online copy and adapted the opening line.

I should probably reassure my readers that the story *does't* end with Buffy starving to death, though...

Posted by: mr_waterproof (mr_waterproof)
Posted at: 22nd November 2008 17:45 (UTC)

Would you assume that under a similar transformation, a lesbian would become a gay man, and vice versa, or would they usually become straight, and some straight people become lesbian or gay?

In other word does the same genetic factor turn both men and women gay, or is it a seperate phenomenon in either sex?.

Personally I lean more toward the idea that is is a seperate phenomenon. Possibly straight people who feel some affinity with gay people of the opposite sex would be more likely to become gay. In other words fag hags would become gay men, and straight men who's favourite Buffy character is post season 4 Willow would become lesbians....

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 22nd November 2008 18:37 (UTC)


The simple fact is, we don't know what causes some people to be gay and others to not be. Whether it's genetic, or due to the influence of hormones on foetal development, or linked to environment and upbringing... there are lots of theories and nobody's ever proven beyond doubt that one of them is correct.

Or, for that matter, maybe they're all correct to a certain extent, and there's no one single reason.

I wouldn't personally have someone's "affinity" have any effect on their sexuality if they were genderswapped, except to make it easier or harder for them to adjust to the change.

I was assuming, for the purpose of this fic, that a heterosexual woman changed into a man would become a heterosexual man, and vice versa. Willow would have turned into a gay man with bi tendencies. The trace of bi-curiosity that in canon led Buffy to experiment with Satsu might, in this new fic, still be present but is now focussed on men.

However, even though she's now gynophile Buffy still expects to be attracted to men because of her memories and experience, and she's likely to be taken by surprise when she isn't. And vice-versa.

Posted by: The Mezzanine (deird1)
Posted at: 22nd November 2008 07:43 (UTC)

"Oh my God, it's moving!" She shrieked, springing back bodily in her alarm."It's come alive!"

"What?! What has? What's happening?"

"It's.. it's my... it's that thing! It's moving of its own accord!"

*bursts into giggles*

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 22nd November 2008 13:35 (UTC)

See, this is what we men have to put up with all the time. ;-)

Posted by: Beer Good (beer_good_foamy)
Posted at: 22nd November 2008 10:37 (UTC)

OK, so first of all, how much do I love the opening line? Given the show's basic ideas, it never hurts to drop a hint that being turned into a man makes you... well, not a vermin I hope, but that it's at least a definite problem. (Which I suppose goes without saying, but I ramble.)

And Willow going straight (sorry) to the nature/nurture debate - perfect. That whole conversatino cracked me up.

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 22nd November 2008 13:38 (UTC)

I did think of you when I used that as the first line. :-) (Like I said to deird1 in the comment above, it wasn't my original choice but a later inspiration.) And yeah, I'm not necessarily saying that men and giant bugs have a lot in common...

Posted by: riccadonna (riccadonna)
Posted at: 22nd November 2008 11:06 (UTC)

I like this beginning a lot! I don't know if I can buy Dawn's easy dismissal, but the exchange with Willow is excessively good, and I'm already waiting eagerly for the next chapter.

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 22nd November 2008 13:41 (UTC)

Thanks! :-)

As far as Dawn's concerned, her sister was out late last night drinking, and now wants to spend the morning in bed. She'd be worried if there were anything seriously wrong, of course, but Buffy assured her she's all right.. and so I think tolerant sisterly disdain seemed appropriate. Not to mention that Dawn, like her sister, can sometimes be incredibly self-centred.

Posted by: Two legs good, four legs okay (nothorse)
Posted at: 22nd November 2008 15:51 (UTC)

I'd love to write something intelligent -- especially since I've read tons of trans-gender fiction (outside fanfic mostly) -- but I'm too stupid today. So just:

- whee: female to male
- whee: Man!Buffy with blond chest hair ;)
- whee: Toilet seat cliche
- hmm: teenage male with no morning wood issues?


Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 22nd November 2008 18:59 (UTC)

Regarding (b)... I go back and forth on whether Buffy's a natural blonde. I'm currently leaning towards "Yes she is, but that precise shade of straw-colour she has in the later seasons came out of a bottle."

On (d)... she's under a lot of stress and tension at the moment. :-)


Posted by: The One Who Isn't Chosen (gabrielleabelle)
Posted at: 22nd November 2008 23:58 (UTC)
willow laugh

Ha. No wonder guys can't take subtle hints. Their equipment doesn't do subtle, so why should they?

I love Buffy's overall panic. Sheesh, that would be a nightmare. Er...no offense to you guys. :)

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 23rd November 2008 11:31 (UTC)

Their equipment doesn't do subtle

Life would be much simpler if women all had a big flashing sign on their torso that lit up when they were horny.

that would be a nightmare

I imagine a man changed into a woman would suffer mssive castration anxiety, though...

Posted by: The Mezzanine (deird1)
Posted at: 23rd November 2008 03:12 (UTC)

Note from a woman-with-smallish-boobs:
When she's lying down, there's no way Buffy's view would be restricted even in her normal body...

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 23rd November 2008 11:33 (UTC)
Re: BTW...

I originally wrote "blocked" and changed it to "restricted" for exactly that reason. ;-) But I'm afraid "She could see no sign of her boobs, but then she normally couldn't anyway" would sound far too cruel...

Thanks. :-)

Posted by: red_satin_doll (red_satin_doll)
Posted at: 18th January 2013 21:52 (UTC)
Laughing Dead Things

Mutter mutter grumble.

Willow is just so perfectly Willow here. I normally avoid genderswap fics - I've tried (it's usually Buffy with Spike or with Xander) and for some reason the thought actually squicks me out but this? It's so funny and crack-ficcy that I'm just laughing. I think perhaps not actually knowing what buffy looks like in this new body might be a help for me? You don't over-describe, so it's not pulling focus for me from the character interactions and dialogue.

And that whole "stiffie" scene - that as a woman is something I would have no idea about. I may have more sympathy for men after this.

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 19th January 2013 16:47 (UTC)

You know, I rarely put physical descriptions in my fics - there seems little point when everyone reading know what Buffy, Willow, Spike etc look like already. So perhaps I need to remember that it's more important with OCs or, as here, physically altered characters?

Posted by: red_satin_doll (red_satin_doll)
Posted at: 20th January 2013 17:38 (UTC)

That hadn't even occured to me but I suppose so. Physical description can always be overdone with OC's as well as well as canon characters - and you've seen that; I find it a mark of less experienced or *cough*less talented* writers who need to create a laundry list of the person's appearance. My mind is going to partially paint a picture of the character anyway.

I actually like that you held back on the "total reveal" (Buffy looking at herself in the mirror) because it gave me time to get used to the notion; she's getting used to her new body and I get to do so with her, rather than being squicked out right away by the notion. The way she explores her body in the tub actually reads as rather sensual and "feminine", which makes it more comfortable for me reading it (and I can skim over anything I'm less comfortable with.) The bit in the bathtub, and suddenly realizing what she's done into the water is choice.

So by the time she sees herself in the mirror I've had time to adjust (because male to female gender swap fic is a squicky area for me); and for the same reason I think it's smart you don't overdescribe her new face, or make it totally different from her own (hair, piercings etc) - that even she thinks she looks like what her brother, if she had one, would look like.

And Anya's reaction is just SPOT-ON.

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 21st January 2013 02:01 (UTC)

it gave me time to get used to the notion

I must admit, when I read your first comment where you said you were glad I didn't describe what male!Buffy looks like, I did wonder, "Um. Should I tell her about the mirror scene in the next chapter?" :# So I'm glad you weren't overly squicked...

I was trying to describe Buffy's reactions, feelings and responses as realistically as possible - if 'realistically' is even a word you can use in connection with a genderswap fic - so it seemed logical to me that she'd be confronted with a mirror when she went to the bathroom, and that's when it made sense to describe her appearance.

Posted by: red_satin_doll (red_satin_doll)
Posted at: 21st January 2013 17:32 (UTC)
Amy - Me Dating Warren in the Comics?

I probably didn't quite convey what I meant to (and admittedly it was a bit late and I was rushed when I typed that. I think. Also, ADD, recent bodily injury, pain and painkillers, etc. I am not afraid to shamelessly pull out every excuse in the GD book.) Anyhoo...yes, I was trying to convey a compliment, so I apologize if that didn't come across. I think you did do a very good job of conveying what she might be thinking and feeling; the few other genderswap stories I've read tend to skip that step in favor of the "novelty" aspect.

And, again - Anya hitting on her, and all of her dialogue "Don't you want to try out your new body?" is made of WIN.

One phrase I noticed was the use of the word "fancy" by both Willow and Buffy, as in "Do you want to" or "would you like". The first time Buffy used it I wondered if that was a signal that she was becoming more of a guy before I realized, duh, UK. I'm sure you have to read a lot of fic by American writers who have no CLUE what someone from, say, Surrey or Manchester actually sounds like (never mind bad accents on tv and movies), so fair's fair. I don't think I've heard an American use it that way in conversational speech (as opposed to writing it) unless it's some teenager or 20-something who fancies themselves an Anglophile. Speaking of bad "English" accents...oy.

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 21st January 2013 19:58 (UTC)

No, I got what you were saying, and I wasn't complaining, I was explaining. :) So thanks for the compliments.

One impression I've got is that genderswaps are often written as a way of getting the writer's favourite couple together, so s/he can cure the afflicted person through the Healing Power of Sex. If you see a reference to "the HPOS" in the comments of the last chapter or so, that's what the abbreviation stands for. :) My inspiration for writing this fic came from sitting down and thinking, "No, what would it really be like? How would you react? What would be surprising to you?"

(Of course this is the Buffyverse, so the genderswap itself won't be as big a deal as it would be in the real world. To quote myself from before, "I've turned into a man. Must be Tuesday.")

Writing Anya was very difficult, because I so rarely do it; so I'm glad it worked for you.

Yes, 'fancy' as a verb is perfectly common and accepted British English, and it's not something that's especially well-known over here as being such. I mean, I know not to have Buffy talk about her Mum, or turning on a tap, or walking along the pavement wearing a jumper because it's cold. But until I was told - and you're actually not the first person to mention it, though it was later than this fic - I didn't have a clue that Americans don't fancy people.

Hope you feel better soon. ♥

Posted by: red_satin_doll (red_satin_doll)
Posted at: 21st January 2013 21:19 (UTC)

One impression I've got is that genderswaps are often written as a way of getting the writer's favourite couple together, so s/he can cure the afflicted person through the Healing Power of Sex. If you see a reference to "the HPOS"

So that's what HPOS means? Questions I was too embarrassed to ask, which is silly; but there's a lot of acronyms commonly used on LJ or amoung fanfic writers that I am clueless about.

Getting ones favorite couple together I can see in the case of Xander/Buffy (I have seen those) or, in a sort of similar idea, the Buffy/Faith bodyswap fics; although I don't understand why anyone would want to have sex with their own body. But I've come across a few Buffy/Spike genderswap fics, including some post-series and that just seems utterly pointless to me.

or turning on a tap

If you mean turning on the water faucet then I think you can get away with that one (unless it means something else entirely) as I've heard people say that (especially when I lived in North Carolina). The rest, no. (I didn't know about the useage of of the word braces for garter belt until I read it in your W/K fic.)

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 21st January 2013 22:29 (UTC)

I'm pretty sure HPOS isn't a standard abbreviation: it's just one I made up myself. But I'd used it in a previous LJ post in a conversation with the same group of people who were commenting back then, so I assumed they'd know what I meant.

I did mean tap = faucet; the word 'faucet' isn't used here at all. As for the other thing:

UK braces = US suspenders
UK suspenders = US garter belt

Posted by: red_satin_doll (red_satin_doll)
Posted at: 22nd January 2013 01:47 (UTC)

And the US dental "braces" to straighten the teeth are called....?

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