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StephenT [userpic]

(Fic) One Day In The Life Of Buffy Summers (Ch.9 of 10)

2nd December 2008 (21:01)
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Buffy's having a really strange day.

Here's chapter nine, in which Willow tries to break the spell on Buffy. I find it moderately amusing that the first femslash sex scene I ever wrote was Buffy/Willow (well, Buffy/Willow/Tara, technically); and now the first het sex scene I write is also Buffy/Willow. I'm worried about becoming typecast... Characters, in order of appearance: Buffy and Willow. Obvously. Rating 18R. 1,819 words. Chapter One is here.


Chapter 9: In which Buffy goes to bed

Willow pushed open the door of her bedroom and giggled as she took Buffy's hand and drew her over the threshold. Buffy grinned back at her.

"I do believe you're trying to seduce me, Miss Rosenberg."

"Yep - uh, I mean, 'Why, no, sir. A kind gentleman like you would never take advantage of a maiden such as I."

"Am I supposed to twirl my moustache now or something? 'Cause maybe I shouldn't have shaved this morning."

"I think they take a bit longer than that to grow. Uh, can we skip the rest of the talking and move to the kissing part now?"

Buffy didn't need much prompting. Her brain might be still rather bewildered by all that was happening, but her body knew exactly what it wanted, and she chose to let it take the lead. Their kiss lengthened and deepened, and then hands were roving over bodies and knotting in hair and pulling at clothing, and then they were falling onto the bed together, lips still united, bodies intertwining. Buffy felt again the strange, half-familiar and half-alien sensations of this new body's arousal, and suddenly her new jeans felt far too tight around the crotch. She fumbled with the zip, hands made clumsy with impatience until Willow reached over and helped her free, and then her pants were on the floor and her erection sprang free, even bigger than she remembered it from this morning. It actually looked a bit intimidating even to her, and she felt Willow hesitate at the sight.

"Are you still okay with this? We could turn the lights out, if that would help?

But Willow shook her head. "You sound like a man, Buffy, and in the dark I can't see you. With the light on I can look into your eyes, know it's still you with me." Then she seemed to look inward a moment to centre herself, and met Buffy's eyes again with a grin. "So let's have a look at you."

With that she wiggled around, and Buffy felt the pressure of a small hand grasping her, fingers caressing, and it was so nice... She wanted to return the favour; her hands roamed up Willow's legs, squeezed her bum, fiddled with the fastenings of her skirt. The only woman she'd ever undressed before was herself, but it was easy enough to figure out, and soon they were both naked together, enjoying the feeling of flushed skin pressing against skin, warm breath and endlessly searching fingers. They kissed again and again, then Buffy's mouth trailed down her friend's neck, into the valley between her breasts and around again before she grabbed a pink nipple between her teeth and flicked her tongue over its tip, causing Willow to gasp and clamp her fingers in Buffy's hair. Then back for another kiss, and then before she could lose herself in it Buffy pulled back a little and fought to control her breathing and her pounding heart.

"So,  mmh, wait. What, uh, what do we actually have to do? For the spell?"

Willow pulled her back, kissed her again, then replied, so close Buffy could feel her lips and tongue vibrate against her own.

"Have sex. Think you've gotta come, 'causa me. Inside me, prob'ly. You wanna?" She giggled.

Buffy certainly did want to. But before she could reply, something horrible hit her like a bucket of icewater down her spine. She pulled back.

"Oh God. Will, we've forgotten something."

"What?" Willow pouted, trying to pull Buffy back against her. So Buffy had to spell it out.

"Contraception? I'm a guy now, remember? And I'm pretty sure you're not on the Pill."

"The what now?" Then Willow got it. "Oh fricking hell. You're the hetero here, you're supposed to be the one to remember these things."

"Right, so when was the last time I needed that stuff? I can go check to see if Riley left any condoms in my drawer, they'd only be about two years past their sell-by date..."

"Maybe we should get dressed again, go out and buy some."

"Can't you just, I don't know, cast a spell or something?"

"It was magic got us into this in the first place!" But then Willow thought about it. "Actually, you know, spells to prevent pregnancy - or help it along - are pretty much the basics of witchcraft. Like, spellcasting 101. In fact, I think..." She bounced off the bed and ran over to her wardrobe, pulled a carved wooden box off the top. Inside were several chambers filled with different herbs, small vials and other less identifiable substances.

Buffy watched as she sat back down naked on the bed, taking a pinch of a couple of the herbs and rolling them between her fingers. Then Willow turned to Buffy with a mischievous grin, asking her to hold out her hand. Buffy did so, cautiously, and Willow spread the plant-dust onto her fingers then uncorked a small bottle and poured a few drops of sweet-smelling oil over it. She chanted a few words in a language Buffy didn't recognise, and the oil grew warm as the crushed herbs melted into it. Then Willow smiled at her.

"That's it! It worked perfectly. Nothing went wrong. Nothing at all!"

"Yay you. So now what? Do you have to lick this off my fingers or something?"

Her friend giggled. "Not lick, no, but you're almost right. You've just got the wrong end of the sti-, uh, the wrong end of the Willow."

The next couple of minutes turned out to be an awful lot of fun for all concerned. So did the next twenty. Buffy was shocked by just how much she was enjoying this, although she did wonder briefly how she was going to feel about the memory once she turned girl again. Willow responded eagerly to her touch, clearly loving the sensations of Buffy's searching fingers and lips and tongue. If Buffy sensed a certain lack of passion in Willow's own matching explorations of Buffy's body, she certainly couldn't fault her earnest desire to make sure her friend enjoyed herself just as much as she did.

Then Willow wriggled around onto her back and looked over at Buffy coyly. "C'mon then. Let's change y'back."

"Okay." But Buffy suddenly felt really nervous, as if she'd never done this before. Well, she hadn't, not this way around. Willow picked up on her hesitation, and for a moment her own eyes mirrored it. She looked so vulnerable that Buffy's protective instincts were roused.

"We can stop if you'd rather."

"Nu-uh. No stopping us now. Uh, there's some lube in my cabinet over there? Think it might help."

Buffy leaned over to pull open the drawer, propped herself up on her arm to see in. There was a few odds and ends in the way, but then she spotted her objective and blinked in surprise. She'd been aware, in the general "things we know about each other without ever actually discussing them" kind of way, that her friend had sometimes used a vibrator... but she'd never have guessed that now she owned three of them. Including one that was a peculiar wand-like shape with a bulbous end that had Buffy craning her neck trying to work out the angles and dimensions of it, until she grew hot and firmly told herself to concentrate. She grabbed the bottle of lubrication - trying not to dwell on the fact that it was only half-full - and turned back to Willow.

Who was grinning evilly, clearly aware of what Buffy had been looking at. "We can get one for you too once you're a girl again, if you like. Hate to see you deprived." As she spoke she took the bottle from Buffy, held her friend's hand out and poured a little of the lube onto it, then pointed towards her crotch. Buffy hastened to obey the implied instruction.

"But... aren't they noisy?"

Willow 's reply was slightly breathless as Buffy's fingers did their work. "Only th'big one. Can't use it when y're all here. Rest are r'lly quiet."

"Will!" Buffy was a little bit shocked - and also massively turned on by the thought of Willow and her "really quiet" vibrators just down the corridor from her own bedroom. She wondered if she'd feel the same way if she weren't a heterosexual man right now. Probably not. But who cares?

Not her. Especially not now that Willow had applied some of the lube to her own fingers and was stroking them up and down Buffy's hard and eager prick. In fact, there was pretty much only one thing on her mind right now. Eyes dilated, breath coming rapidly, she looked over towards Willow, who nodded and settled back again.

Buffy rolled over to kneel between her legs, anticipation taking the place of fear. Except she wasn't quite sure how... awkwardly, she propped herself up over Willow's supine body, aimed her hips and thrust them forward.

The tip of her erect penis hit Willow's body somewhere in the region of her lower abdomen and rebounded. Ow.

Try again. For a moment she thought she had it... but no. False alarm. Missed again.

Willow focussed back in on Buffy's face and raised an eyebrow. "We gonna screw, or are you just gonna poke me with it all night?"

"I'm trying! This is harder than I thought!"

Willow giggled, then reached her hand down and took hold of Buffy, guided her in the right direction. With a combination of Willow's help and her own renewed efforts, finally everything was properly lined up, and then Buffy took a deep breath and pushed herself slowly forward into Willow's body.

There was warmth and yielding softness, and Buffy felt rather than heard Willow give a long-drawn-out gasp as her friend entered her. Then their chests were pressed together, flat and muscular against soft and curvy, and Buffy could feel Willow's heart pounding in tune with her own, feel her friend's panting breath warm on her own face. She began to thrust, slowly at first, then remembered her manners and was really proud of herself as she propped herself up on her elbows to take her weight off Willow's torso. Her friend's eyes were unfocussed, staring upwards, but when Willow met Buffy's gaze she quirked a smile up at her, traced her hand up Buffy's chest to her neck. Buffy could feel her own breath coming shorter, catching in her throat, waves of ecstasy building up inside her, the faint musk of Willow's scent filling her senses as she moved her hips faster and faster, in and out, until the waves peaked and crashed and every muscle in her body locked and she groaned in pleasure and pain combined as her sperm pumped out into her friend's body.

Then she collapsed forward, breathless, hips still moving lazily, the world spinning and tumbling around her...


 On to Chapter Ten


Posted by: Beer Good (beer_good_foamy)
Posted at: 2nd December 2008 23:37 (UTC)

...I'll be in my bunk. A first efforts go, that didn't suck. :-)

I think I sort of see where frogfarm was coming from in the last chapter; even discounting the weirdness of the situation, Willow seems a little... um... enthusiastic for someone who's supposed to still be in mourning and all. But hey, it's a genderswitch fic, so I'll happily go with it.

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 3rd December 2008 00:09 (UTC)


And there was me thinking I'd carefully nuanced Willow's feelings between reluctance, embarrasment, resolution and bi-curious lust... What I would say is:

1. The fic is set shortly before Willow meets Kennedy, so yes, she's in mourning but over the worst of it and ready for something to come along and push her back into living her life.

2. Like I had her say at the end of the last chapter, this is something they have to do, so she's going to make the best of it. Which is something Willow is really good at: it's resolve face, basically. I hope I put enough clues in there to show that she's actually having to steel herself to do this, that she's not as relaxed as the front she's trying to put on for Buffy's benefit might suggest.

3. On the other hand... this is something of an unreal, fantasy situation for her. She's curious, and tomorrow Buffy will (hopefully) be female again and the whole thing might as well never have happened. It's an excuse to act outside her normal behaviour.

4. It's Buffy. Someone she's had a crush on ever since the cool new girl in school decided to hang out with *her* instead of with Cordelia. Sure, she's temporarily a man, but Willow can work around that.

Posted by: The Anti-OTP (snowpuppies)
Posted at: 3rd December 2008 01:29 (UTC)

Hee! Brilliant awkward!sex.

Although I am a bit nervous about Willow's "Nothing went wrong" contraceptive spell, cause that? Would be awkward. Perhaps even more so.

I thought you did a good job with Willow, personally. There were times when you could tell she wasn't quite into it and was putting on the 'brave little toaster' face for Buffy's sake.

Nice job! :)

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 3rd December 2008 13:35 (UTC)

Thanks! I was trying to walk a fine line with Willow's reactions; obviously the fic wouldn't be very comfortable to read, or erotic, if Willow were just lying there with her eyes closed saying "Come on, get it over with"... but I didn't want to make her too over-enthusiastic either.

I am a bit nervous about Willow's "nothing went wrong" contraceptive spell

I did think about that myself... but given that Willow knows the spell worked, I assume that it would be at least as effective as more conventional contraceptive methods. ;-)

Posted by: none of the above (frogfarm)
Posted at: 3rd December 2008 04:40 (UTC)

Clarifying -- it wasn't Willow's characterization that seemed off, it was the events and your treatment of them that seemed, for you, uncharacteristically simplifying. Especially given that you're so close to the end -- this can and should be drawn out a lot longer! Nothing wrong with uncomplicated diversions, but (PLEASE do not take this badly) I've come to expect more of you, even from the most deceptively simple-appearing material...like say, them finding out afterward that WASN'T actually the way to reverse the spell? It just seems like this point in the story should be the two-thirds mark, rather than the home stretch.

And speaking of which -- any girl with Buffy's share of experience, and certainly one about to have sex with one of her dearest friends with her brand spanking new penis, should have been a *little* more industrious about making sure her partner got just as much out of the experience. I can't help but see this as a major missed opportunity to write a longer, ultimately more satisfying (*cough*) sex scene, while allowing for a lot more character and relationship development. Buffy's vaguely insulted that artificial lube would be required, and remembering every time a guy rushed things with her, tries to give Will the slow burn treatment of warming her up; Will gets to half-heartedly protest oh, that's not necessary, prolonging the illusion that it's solely about reversing the spell and not at *all* for purposes of actual *enjoyment* because hello, gay now...oh, right there...

...sorry, went to the Bahamas there for a second.

But please, like I said, don't let my nitpickiness ruin any enjoyment for you. Reading back through it, this does a credible job of being both awkward and erotic. I'm just frustrated there isn't a lot more of both :)

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 3rd December 2008 13:47 (UTC)

I'm not going to complain if your major nitpick is that the fic isn't long enough. ;-)

I've already had one bait-and-switch where Willow thinks she's found how to break the spell but it doesn't work; doing the same thing again could seem repetitive. And yes, I could think of endless elaborations of the plot (maybe this changes Buffy back to female, but also changes Willow's sex to balance that?) but really, I've pretty much covered everything I wanted to say in the fic already. It's one strange day in Buffy's life - not the start of a huge Buffy/Willow romance or anything like that.

Not to mention that I want to pay homage to the conventions of the genderswap genre, where the HPOS reverses the spell in the final chapter. :-)

As for whether Buffy could have spent more time making sure Willow enjoyed herself - that was deliberately written that way and will be addressed in the final chapter. In her defence, I will say that it's not so much that Buffy isn't trying, as that Willow can't really relax enough to let her succeed.

Posted by: Two legs good, four legs okay (nothorse)
Posted at: 3rd December 2008 09:50 (UTC)

"I'm trying! This is harder than I thought!"

Ermm... Yes.

Sweet little resolution. Now for the inevitable emotional (or maybe demonic?) complication.

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 3rd December 2008 13:49 (UTC)

There's only one chapter left so it can't get too complicated. ;-)


Posted by: vinnyblack (vinnyblack)
Posted at: 3rd December 2008 18:25 (UTC)

Why people are always worry about the sound of vibrators ? the sound of porn movies? the sound of pleasure? Scream... let's the other listen! don't be shine.

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