StephenT (stormwreath) wrote,

(Fic) One Day In The Life Of Buffy Summers (Ch.10 of 10)

Buffy's having a really strange day.

Here's the tenth and final chapter, in which I stick closely to tradition. You'll soon see what I mean. Characters, in order of appearance: Buffy and Willow. Rating 18. (They're still in bed together, after all.) 1,096 words. Chapter One is here, especially for the benefit of anyone who doesn't read WIPs and wants to read through from the beginning now it's all complete. :-)

Chapter 10 - in which Buffy goes through some changes

As if from a great distance, she felt Willow shift under the sudden weight that lay atop her. Buffy felt she ought to move away, get off, but right now she lacked the strength. But then Willow's arms were around her, pulling her closer still, and she fluttered open her eyes to see her friend grinning at her. Grinning mischievously. And before Buffy knew what was going on, Willow whispered something in her ear.

Buffy's sex-befuddled brain had only just begun to process the words when she felt herself twisting and WARPING and shrinking and CHANGING and stretching and compressing and turning inside out and turning outside in, and it was indescribable like birth and death and pain and pleasure all combined and all at once, and just when she could take no more... it ended.

And she realised what it was that Willow just said. Five simple words. "Let the spell be ended."

In growing anticipation and hope she looked down towards her chest, and saw what she'd longed to see all day. Her breasts. Her wonderful boobs, just as perky as she remembered them. (And also pressed tightly against Willow's own, but that wasn't important right now.) And her crotch! It had nothing projecting from it any more. It felt exactly how it ought to feel. (Well, it wasn't usually jammed up against Willow's like this. But that wasn't important either.) Buffy squealed in delight and relief and enfolded Willow in a massive hug, babbling her thanks all the time. Her friend returned the hug enthusiastically, her body pressed tightly against Buffy's own.

It wasn't until after she came up for air again that it dawned on Buffy that she was, in fact, lying on top of the naked body of her best friend. While also being naked. With the full mutual nakedosity. It didn't feel wrong, exactly, after what they'd just done, but it did feel a little awkward. Uncertain quite what to do, Buffy settled on lifting herself up on one elbow and quirking a sardonic eyebrow in Willow's direction.

"So how come you didn't wait to change me back until after I got off you?"

Willow grinned cheekily, completely unrepentant.

"I was sure you'd want to change back as soon as you possibly could. I wasn't wrong, was I?"

Buffy gave an snort of amusement. "I can't really criticise, can I, after what you did for me? Even if you are taking blatant advantage now."

"No I'm not!" Willow's wide-eyed look of innocence was rather spoiled by the way she was stroking her hands up and down Buffy's back. And... ohmygod! She just wriggled! This was getting out of hand. Part of Buffy wanted to leap off and get away... but part of her didn't. Part of her wanted to wriggle right back.

"Mm-hmm. I'm getting off you soon, you know. Just as soon as my arms stop feeling like jelly."

"Sure. I wouldn't want to stop you." And with that ohmygodagain she just ran her fingers down Buffy's spine and it felt so good, and Buffy told herself firmly that it was just a few lingering traces of maleness from the spell, and it would wear off soon. Any minute now.

Then Willow cocked her head to one side and quirked a smile. "So what was it like being a man? Has it made you a better person 'cause you've seen how the other half live their lives? Are you all insightful and wisdomy now?"

Buffy considered that seriously for a moment... then shrugged her shoulders. Willow pouted.

"You're no use. You'll never be the star of your own TV show if you can't come up with some trite moral lesson from that week's adventure in the final scene."

"They'd never broadcast this scene anyway. We are kind of naked at the moment, or had you forgotten?"

Willow grinned. She clearly hadn't forgotten. "I dunno. HBO might show it..." Then she looked more serious, and brought up her hand to touch Buffy's face. Her fingers gently traced along her cheek, which was now smooth and feminine and totally non-stubbly. "It's nice to have you back, Buff. And I'm sorry for putting you though all this. Are you okay, really?"

"I'm fine. Happy to be me again. But what about you? Are you okay? It wasn't too awful for you, was it, with boy Buffy?"

"I'm completely non-traumatised. I could do without the, uh, ooziness factor, but at least it got you back to your normal shape. Which, no offence to men, I have to say I prefer."

"The whatiness factor? Oh! Um, sorry about that."

Willow shrugged. "You were a guy. Comes with the territory. Uh, so to speak."

"I guess... oh! Speaking of, did you.. I mean I couldn't tell, but did you, uh..."

"Did I come?" Willow gave Buffy a Look. "You don't know? You really were changed into a man, weren't you?"

Buffy felt stricken and guilty. "I was distracted! It was confusing and strange and I wasn't sure what I was really doing, and I..."

"Relax! It doesn't matter. We were doing a spell, to change you back. That's all."

"It does matter! It's not fair if you didn't when I did. We'll just have to keep going until you, er, do."

"No we don't. Nobody's keeping score here, Buffy."

But Buffy's conscience was doing exactly that. At least, she firmly told herself that the only reason she wanted to see and feel and hear and taste Willow have an orgasm of her own was because it would be fair exchange. And okay, maybe it was the aftereffects of the spell, too. Stupid spell.

She looked Willow in the eye. "So you're happy to have sex with boy Buffy but not with girl Buffy. Really?"

Willow looked confused, stammered out a few attempts at a reply, then finally managed, "You do remember you're straight, right?"

Now it was Buffy's own turn to give her friend a Look. "Didn't I say almost the same thing to you earlier? Remember what you said back?"

Willow blinked... then slowly began to grin. "You really sure about this, Buffy? You won't regret it later?"

"Absolutely not. I, uh, might not want to talk about it ever again, ever. This has been a really strange day. I'm thinking total denial, and forgetting it ever happened sounds really good. But this part? What we're gonna do? I'll never regret that."

And then they shared a kiss. And all that followed.

"Uh, Will? I've never done this before. Talk me through it?"

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