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In which I talk about stuff

Yesterday I downloaded and installed LJArchive to make a back-up of my journal. Today I discovered that it has a bunch of tools that analyse your entire posting history and tell you things like which words you've used most often...

For me, the ten most used words are, predictably enough:

the, and, to, of, a, her, in, I, that, she.

Mind you, it is interesting that 'she' and 'her' both make the top ten but 'he' and 'his/him' don't...

However, if I tick the 'ignore common words' box and count the possessive together with the uninflected form, then these are my top twelve most-used words:

buffy (3,147 times, plus 570 times for buffy's)
willow (1,674 times, plus 376 for willow's)
slayer (575 times)
actually (530 times)
xander (490 times)
season (486 times)
faith (454 times)
kennedy (420 times)
dawn (358 times)
angel (348 times)
spike (326 times)
satsu (313 times)

What are your top twelve?

Other interesting things:

I've used the world "kill" 192 times and "sex" 187 times.

The people who've left the most comments on my journal are beer_good_foamy</lj>, elisi</lj>and moscow_watcher</lj>. Thanks guys. 107 people have left one single comment on my journal. Also, I apparently receive about twice as many comments as I give out, which I'm sure makes me a bad friend or something. Sorry. 

I know almost nothing about regressive imagery analysis, but apparently compared to all other LJ writers I post about the categories voyage (wander, desert, beyond), unknown (secret, strange, unknown) and descend (fall, drop, sink) far more than most people, and height (up, sky, high), restraint (must, stop, bind) and affection (affectionate, marriage, sweetheart) far less.

And in other news, I'd just like to say thank you to the people who've beeing reccing my work from 2008 on buffyversetop5</lj>. It's much appreciated. ♥ It's also interesting to see what out of the things I've written or created has stuck most in other people's memories...

Not only that, but I've also been nominated at not one but two different awards sites. Netherlands to Nepal is nominated at forbiddenawards</lj>and three of my stories - Learning To Drive, Past Tense, Future Conditional, Present Tense and One Day In The Life Of Buffy Summers have been nominated at rwsawards</lj>. What's particularly astonishing about this, for me, is that it's the first time any of my fics have ever been nominated for anything, and now it's happened twice in three days! So thank you, mystery nommer(s), whoever you are. :-)
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