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StephenT [userpic]

Drabble: We Are Alone

27th January 2007 (17:21)
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Continuing my development of my own personal version of the Slayer mythology, in this drabble I give a voice to something that, by its own admission, has no voice, no name…

“They used to bow down to gods. Things change.” – Buffy to Glory, in ‘Tough Love’

We Are Alone

I am Death, primal and absolute. I am terror in the night, the thing even monsters fear.  For ten thousand years I gouged a bloody path, never knowing mercy or pity.

And yet...

I am the blade, glittering and cruel. My wielders are but tools, servants of my power. A million nameless faces, one in every generation, cast away and forgotten.

          And yet...

I am the power. I have no memory, no form. She is dead to me - my first victim, my first lover; my teacher, my child. Her name is gone. Her light extinguished.

                    And yet, and yet...


Posted by: tessarin (tessarin)
Posted at: 27th January 2007 18:19 (UTC)

You have to wonder whether the council ever questioned or investigated the source of the slayers power. Did they know and as I suspect forget or lose the knowledge, maybe in the library at Alexandria. Certainly someone other than Buffy must have stumbled on it at some point.

What sort of demon was it , given the longevity of its power could it even be an old one ?

Your drabble is hinting at a question about what happens if the spirit becomes self aware?

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 27th January 2007 22:50 (UTC)

The Library of Alexandria is a great idea - there must be a way to link it in somehow! (Although currently I'm leaning to the idea that the Watchers lost most of their knowledge in the Great Flood - see my reply to Hobgoblinn.)

Given that the Slayer Spirit could empower a normal human to be able to stand up to and defeat gods, I'm guessing it was at least a True Demon, if not a god/Old One itself. However, my concept is that at first it was more of an elemental force of nature, without conscious purpose unless pointed in a particular direction by human intervention.

And yes, I'm indeed hinting that it was gradually becoming self-aware... through the influence of all those human souls (the Slayers) it joined with throughout the millennia. The result was that increasingly, the Slayer power was not behaving the way the Watchers thought it always had and always should. For example, instead of Calling the Potential all the Watchers were expecting it to choose in 1996, it chose Buffy instead, for reasons of its own...

Posted by: hobgoblinn (hobgoblinn)
Posted at: 27th January 2007 18:57 (UTC)

I really like this. And I'm continually impressed with how you're able to convey so much in such a limited space.

I don't know if this will help with your development of Slayer mythology, but this and this might be of some interest.

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 27th January 2007 22:52 (UTC)

Thanks! I read your links, and was sufficiently impressed to make a separate post about the Book of Enoch in my LJ...

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