StephenT (stormwreath) wrote,

Drabble: We Are Alone

Continuing my development of my own personal version of the Slayer mythology, in this drabble I give a voice to something that, by its own admission, has no voice, no name…

“They used to bow down to gods. Things change.” – Buffy to Glory, in ‘Tough Love’

We Are Alone

I am Death, primal and absolute. I am terror in the night, the thing even monsters fear.  For ten thousand years I gouged a bloody path, never knowing mercy or pity.

And yet...

I am the blade, glittering and cruel. My wielders are but tools, servants of my power. A million nameless faces, one in every generation, cast away and forgotten.

          And yet...

I am the power. I have no memory, no form. She is dead to me - my first victim, my first lover; my teacher, my child. Her name is gone. Her light extinguished.

                    And yet, and yet...

Tags: buffy, fic
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