StephenT (stormwreath) wrote,

(Art) Shakespearean madness

Because beer_good_foamyposted meta about Shakespearean influences on the Buffyverse, and because I clearly have too much time on my hands. Incidentally, there's also this from last November on a similar theme.

Buffy hath murdered Sleep: (warning, not an exact 100% transcript of Shakespeare's dialogue; I've butchered it to fit the images. Sorry.)




And because as a result, angeariachallenged me to convert the Jossverse dialogue to iambic pentameter...

I hate all this. I hate that I am here.
  I hate that you all have to be here too.
I hate that there is evil, and that I
  Was chosen for this fight 'gainst it. I wish,
A whole lot of the time, that I had not.
  I know a lot of you wish that same thing.
But this is not about wishes. This is
  About choices. And I believe we can
Defeat this evil. Not when it arrives,
  Not when its army is ready, but now.
Tomorrow morning I'll open the seal
  I'm going down into the mouth of Hell.
And I will finish this for once and all.
  Right now you ask yourself, "So then, what makes
This different? What makes us anything
  More than a bunch of girls being picked off
By one and one?" It's true that none of you
  Now have that power that Faith and I do.
So here's the part where you all make a choice.
  What if you all could have that power now?
In every generation, one Slayer
  Is born... because a bunch of men who died
Thousands of years ago made up that rule.
  They were powerful men. But this woman
Has more power than all of them combined.
  So I say we should change the rule. I say
My power should instead become our power.
  Tomorrow, Willow will use the essence
Within the scythe to change our destiny.
  From now on, every girl in the whole world
Who might become a Slayer, will become
  A Slayer. Ev'ry girl who could have that
Power will have that power. Can stand up
  Then will stand up. Slayers... every one
Of us. So make your choice. Are all of you
  Ready now to be strong?
                                               These guys are dust.
Willow? You are a goddess.
                                                   And you are
  A Slayer. Now get this to Buffy. That
Was nifty.
Tags: art, buffy, poetry, shakespeare
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