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StephenT [userpic]

Just because...

2nd February 2009 (13:10)

...everybody else in Britain is doing it right now.

View from outside my back door, ten minutes ago. The snow-covered garden furniture makes me chuckle:




Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 2nd February 2009 13:46 (UTC)

Well, it's the heaviest snow I personally remember seeing in London for about 20 years. Sure, it snows heavily Up North much more often, but that's not where most of the media are based.

Posted by: tessarin (tessarin)
Posted at: 2nd February 2009 13:54 (UTC)

Yep, saw the 18 years comment on Sky which prompted the observation. London is really at the bottom of a big bowl so it doesn't have that little extra elevation required for snow.

I remember being in West Kingsdown (Brands Hatch) on the North Downs submerged under 4 feet of snow around 1992 and friends in Paddock Wood all of 12 miles away but in the Weald had a light dusting. Didn't believe me.

Had about 2 feet the last time a couple of years ago, again only a light dusting towards Maidstone. So this is currently less.

I think what is unusual about this one is it's both North and South.

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