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(Transcript) TVGuide Q&A session with Joss recently published a Q&A session hosted by Matt Mitovich reading out fan questions about 'Buffy', 'Angel' and 'Firefly' to Joss Whedon. Since the video doesn't even run on certain browsers, and other people can't view videos on their computer, here's a transcript of what Joss had to say.

Contains "who's going to appear in future issues?"-type spoilers for Season 8. Knowing my flist, I should probably also warn that one of the questions was clearly sent in by a fanatical Buffy/Angel shipper. :-)


Did Buffy and Faith share the dream in 'Graduation Day Part 2'?

I think it was Buffy's dream, but that Faith was reaching out in it. I feel like there was a part of Faith that wanted to tell Buffy that.

Was Drusilla a Slayer or possibly one of the Potentials before Angelus turned her? And is there any chance Dru will be dropping by the comics any time soon?

I think we shall be seeing Dru at some point, for sure. And a Potential Slayer? I can't say for sure, but it's a pretty good theory.

Was Anya's fear of bunnies an inside joke relating to Alex Forrest from 'Fatal Attraction'?

No. Totally not. I just wanted to put Anya in a bunny suit and I needed to justify it; so I had her say she was afraid of bunnies. And one of the best things about television is that a casual remark can become your favourite thing on the show.

Was Britney Spears really going to star as April, Warren's robot girlfriend in Season 5?

Well, she wasn't, but they told us she might. And they said, "Britney wants to do the show!" They always do. "Samuel L Jackson wants to do the show!", we got that one one time too. Eventually I just stopped believing it. So we did hear there was a possibility Britney wanted to do the show. We had never seen her act at all, so I said, "Well, we'll cover our bases. We'll write a show about a robot! And that way if she can't, we're fine." And then Shonda Farr came in and did a wonderful job. And the creation of Warren the villain, the Buffybot; it all came from the fact that we thought Britney Spears was going to be on the show. So, happy accidents.

Do you feel that Buffy Season 8 has been a success, and where would you rank it in comparison to previous seasons?

I don't really compare it to the TV show because it's such a different animal. I feel that it's been a success. Definitely it's been a success in terms of the comic book and sales; and what's important for me, it's got into the Top Ten, and been in the Top Twenty in its whole run. It's not one of the big comic book companies, so that's exciting for the smaller companies. A lot of people weren't reading comic books, came in, started reading it, started reading other books because of it; that's exciting for the community.

The book itself I'm really proud of, and I think some of my writers have done amazing work on it. I feel like I've had a little less success keeping it focussed on where it needs to go. Sort of deliberately gone off on cul-de-sacs and sort of let people play with it a little bit. But in the second half now we're getting towards really the heart of the thing, where we're really going to hit people more emotionally, and it'll start to come up to the level of the show in a way that it did, but only occasionally.

Speaking of the second half, will we see an actual Buffy/Angel reunion and/or a reaffirmation of their romantic feelings?

They're going to have sex for three issues straight. Nothing but porn. And that's what America needs.

Will Buffy ever know that Spike is alive?

Spike will appear in two of the three issues. I can't really describe how.

No, all of these things, you know, all of these characters we have licence to use in the Buffyverse but because a different company has the franchise we've been a little hands-off. But, you know, we've got so much to play with right now that we're waiting; but we won't wait forever. Got to see our boys.

I've heard that you drafted a script for a Buffy/Angel movie. Is this true?

This is false.

Would the character of Winifred Burkle have returned to 'Angel' had the show gotten another season?

She would have returned in that Illyria would have become more and more interested in using her as a disguise. And we would just have to tell Amy some days she didn't have to come into make-up three hours early. So yes, we would have had more Winifred.

When can we expect a Serenity 2 movie; and if never, can you tell us what Inara's secret was?

I'm not giving up Inara's secret - although I believe Morena has at conventions. Thanks, darling. But nobody has ever approached me about doing a movie, except fans. When somebody in a suit does, then I'll know that the landscape has changed. Basically, I'm at the ready. The moment they say "Go!" I'll start gathering the troops again; but nobody has.

PS - apologies to anyone who's commented on my last few posts and didn't get a direct reply... I've only been here intermittently. But I'll say it now: thank you for replying. :-)

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