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(Transcript) Dollhouse 1.06 - Echo & Paul confrontation scene

I've just been re-watching last week's episode, and because the scene between Paul and Echo in the alley seems so important to the ongoing season plot arc, I thought it would be useful to transcribe it. Makes it easier to quote and refer to.

Also, was I the only one who wanted to give this particular anonymous imprint of Echo the name "Faith"? :-)


ECHO: The Dollhouse is real. They know you're after them. They're going to have you taken off the case, that's why they sent me.

PAUL: Why are you telling me this?

ECHO: We have a person inside. This person corrupted the imprint while the programmer wasn't looking. Added this parameter.

PAUL: Is this the person that sent me the tapes and the picture?

ECHO: No. This is their first communication. Security inside is very tight.

PAUL: Where is it?

ECHO: You can't know that. You're going about this the wrong way.

PAUL: I have to take down the Dollhouse.

ECHO: There are over twenty Dollhouses, in cities around the world. They have ties to every major political power on the planet. You cannot possibly stop them alone.

PAUL: You're gonna help me?

ECHO: The person that sent this message is.

PAUL: Why?

ECHO: The Dollhouse deals in fantasy. That is their business. But that is not their purpose.

PAUL: What is?

ECHO: We need you to find out. We'll contact you again; if possible with this same body. But you have to let the Dollhouse win. Make them back off. You have to trust me.

Echo hands over the gun... then twists Paul's arm around as a policeman draws closer.

ECHO: He's got a gun!


ECHO: You have to go now. He'll live. You'll be blamed. The engagement is over, they'll never know I spoke to you.


ECHO: You have to go! They don't want to kill you but they will protect the information.

PAUL: Call the ambulance! Officer down! You can't just--

ECHO: They will protect the information. They don't want you dead but anyone else...

PAUL: Mellie...!

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