StephenT (stormwreath) wrote,

(Humour) Geographical awareness

Inspired by a recent question in drop_the_u, how would each of the Scoobies react to being told that 'Torchwood' is set in Cardiff, which is in Wales?
  • Xander would look blank, and say "Where's that?"
  • Buffy would mishear "Wales" as "whales" and get really confused at the idea that 'Torchwood' is set inside a large marine mammal.
  • Willow would say "Wales? Isn't that part of England?"
  • Dawn would roll her eyes and explain that it's a separate nation within the UK.
  • Giles and Spike would meet each other's eyes in tolerant exasperation at the ignorant Americans, then feel uncomfortable at this moment of shared emotional bonding and hastily look away.
  • Giles would then explain about the history of the Principality.
  • Spike would make a politically incorrect joke about close-harmony singing and sheep shagging.
  • Anya would describe how she once turned a Welsh coal miner into a sheep, as vengeance for him cheating on his wife.
So - how would you react to that information? :-)
Tags: buffy
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