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Fic Index Post - Part 2 (2009-)

Late last year I put together an index of all the fic I've written and posted to LJ in the two years I'd been here:

Fic Index Post - Part 1 (2006-08)

Because that page is rather large and cumbersome, I've decided to start a second Index Page for the fic written in 2009 onwards. As such it's quite short at the moment, but I'll be updating it as time goes on.

Links to my meta and Season 8 indices can be found in my journal's sidebar. -->

It's Curtains For You, Slayer
1,089 words. BtVS post-S7. Buffy/Spike. Humour/Curtain!fic. Rating 12.
Buffy and Spike go shopping for curtains together. Wackiness ensues.

I Am Destruction
1,595 words. BtVS, 8,000 years ago. The First Slayer. Drama. Rating 12.
For the first time in history, vampires learn why the Slayer is the thing that monsters have nightmares about. This fic is stand-alone, but also part of the same continuity as 'Hiywan's Story'.

Podfic of 'I Am Destruction'
You get to hear me read the fic out loud!

Lost and Found
1,140 words. BtVS S8, before and after 'Swell'. Satsu, others. Drama/Experimental. Rating PG.
Revealed for the first time, the true story behind how the Japan Slayer Squad acquired its own submarine. This story is written as a series of newspaper articles, letters, telephone logs, emails etc rather than conventional narrative style.

Is this testing whether I'm a Replicant or a lesbian, Mr Deckard?
577 words. Dollhouse S1. Paul Ballard. Drama/Interview. Rating PG.
Agent Ballard takes the Voight-Kampff test (from Blade Runner) to see if he's a normal person or an Active.

More Voight-Kampff Tests, This Time on Terminators
1,288 words. Sarah Connor Chronicles S2. Cameron "T-OK-715" Baum, Catherine "T-1001" Weaver. Drama/Interview. Rating PG.
Cameron and Catherine take the same test to see if they can pass as human.

In The Encircling Night
100 words. BtVS S8, before 'Safe'. OC vampires. Drama. Rating PG.
Why are vampires clustering around the town of Hanselstadt in Germany? This drabble explores their motives.

Hiywan's Story - Chapter 6
2,553 words. BtVS pre-series (6000 years BC). The First Slayer/OCs. Drama. Rating 12.
Hiywan and her mother have a long conversation, and Hiywan makes a fateful promise.

Hiywan's Story - Chapter 7
2,874 words. BtVS pre-series (6000 years BC). The First Slayer/OCs. Drama. Rating 12.
Hiywan comes face to face with her gods, and learns the destiny they intend for her.

Hiywan's Story - Chapter 8
3,970 words. BtVS pre-series (6000 years BC). The First Slayer/OCs. Drama. Rating 12.
In which Hiywan's childhood ends and her new life begins.

Looking For Opportunities
100 words. Xover Ats S1/T:SCC Pilot. Lilah, Cromartie. Drama. Rating PG.
The client wants help finding a missing person; Lilah senses an opportunity.

Cinnamon Is not The Only Chapstick
100 words. BtVS S8, immediately after 'Swell'. Satsu/Kennedy. Drama/Romance. Rating PG.
Kennedy and Satsu go shopping.

Darkness Unescapable
100 words. LotR, after Book 6 Chapter V. Faramir/Éowyn. Humour. Rating PG.
Éowyn doesn't like drabbles.

A Few Moments Earlier
100 words. BtVS post-S7. Willow/Kennedy. Drama/humour. Rating U.
Willow is terrified...

A Distant Echo
100 words. BtVS pre-series (1977). Spike/Spike's Coat. Porn. Rating 18.
As requested by gabrielleabelle.

Yoyo, n, ancient Filipino hand-held weapon
100 words. BtVS S3. Buffy, Willow, Xander, Cordelia. Humour. Rating U.
angearia gave me the prompt "Buffy, a yoyo, free drinks, and a neck massage", all in 100 words. Hmm.

How Willow Discovered Online Porn
1,032 words. BtVS pre-series. Willow, Ira & Sheila Rosenberg. Humour. Rating 12.
It is a truth universally acknowledged that a teenage girl, in possession of parents, must on occasion be utterly embarrassed by them.
Author's Commentary:

Warning: Character Death
454 words. BtVS S6 ('Grave'). Willow. Drama/Angst. Rating 15.
Inspired by the LJ discussion about fic warnings. 'Grave' AU: Xander got there too late.

Majestic Creatures of Legend
1,175 words. BtVS S8 (between 'Time of your Life' and 'Living Doll'). Dawn/Xander. Fluff/romance. Rating 12.
Xander and Dawn are watching DVDs together. Also, Dawn's a centaur.

Behind the Mask
428 words. Xover: BtVS S8/Dollhouse. Twilight. Drama. Rating 12.
Who is Twilight?

1,639 words. BtVS S3. Buffy/Faith. Femslash/angst/drama. Rating 18.
Buffy and Faith have found a vampire nest.

A Day In The Life Of The Five Trees Clan
6,961 words. BtVS pre-series (6000 BC). Hiywan. Documentary. Rating 12.
If the Discovery Channel had existed 8000 years ago...

Blood, Some Of It Mine
2,351 words. BtVS pre-series (6000 BC). Hiywan. Drama. Rating 15.
In which we learn why Hiywan's clan have learned to treat her with wary respect, both in general but especially at certain times.

Rites of Passage
6,961 words. BtVS pre-series (6000 BC). Hiywan. Documentary. Rating 12.
Sequel to 'A Day In The Life Of The Five Trees Clan'.

Buffy's Little Secret
278 words. BtVS S7. Buffy. Humour/smut. Rating PG.
Buffy has a secret...

Retrograde Tactical Manoeuvre
7,392 words. Xover: BtVS S8 (during 'Retreat') / Honor Harrington (before 'Honor of the Queen'). Ensemble. Drama. Rating PG.
During a routine patrol, the starship 'Fearless' of the Royal Manticoran Navy detects something very strange on its scanners...

Brief Encounter
338 words. BtVS, post-series. Spike, Drusilla. Drama. Rating 12.
What would happen if souled!Spike met Drusilla again?

Which Of You Is The Man?
632 words. BtVS, soon after S7. Willow/Kennedy. Humour. Rating 15.
In which I address a burning question about Willow and Kennedy's relationship.

1,527 words. BtVS, early S2. Giles, Xander, Buffy, Willow, Cordelia, others. Humour. Rating 15. 
The entire female population of Sunnydale has turned into rampant lesbian nymphomaniacs, and only the Magic Penis of Reorientation can save the day! 

Buffy Kills Something With A Kitchen Implement And Has Sex With Spike Afterwards 
100 words. BtVS, post-S7. Buffy/Spike. Humour. Rating 12.
You don't need a summary for this, do you? Just read the title!

Back, Foul Fiend!
743 words. BtVS, indefinite time. All characters are OCs. Drama/meta. Rating 12.
Is it only crosses that repel vampires?

Parallel Lines
1,913 words. BtVS, between S7 and S8. Willow/Kennedy. Drama. Rating PG.
Kennedy wants to know more about Willow's history with Buffy.
Commentary on this fic.

A Crack In Space
796 words. Xover: BtVS S8, during 8.34 'Twilight' part 3, and Doctor Who, before 5.03 'Victory of the Daleks'. Buffy/Angel, two Dalek OCs. Humour. Rating PG.

Revenge of the Red Witch - Chapter 1
2232 words. Xover: Btvs between S7 and S8, and Conan the Barbarian. Willow, Conan. Drama. Rating 15.
An epic tale of swords and sorcery, as Willow and a barbarian warrior from the distant past travel to confront a wizard who has stolen something immensely valuable from her.

Revenge of the Red Witch - Chapter 2
2158 words

Revenge of the Red Witch - Chapter 3
2360 words

Revenge of the Red Witch - Chapter 4
2394 words

Revenge of the Red Witch - Chapter 5
1385 words

Revenge of the Red Witch - Chapter 6
2187 words

Last to Ancient First
3994 words. BtVS, 8,000 years ago. Hiywan, Buffy. Drama. Rating PG13.
Buffy travels back in time to enlist the help of the First Slayer... but thanks to a small error in calculation, she's a few years too early and meets Hiywan instead.
Commentary on this fic

Heart, Opened
1190 words. BtVS, 8,000 years ago. Hiywan, male OC. Drama/meta. Rating PG.
Hiywan gets involved with a talented artist. This story is also a meta-commentary on Joss Whedon's song 'Heart, Broken' from the Doctor Horrible Musical Commentary.



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