StephenT (stormwreath) wrote,

(Drabble) Looking for opportunities

This one's for beer_good_foamy, who requested 'Lilah'. Hope you don't mind the crossoveriness.

Looking for opportunities

He was remarkably good looking. Lilah appreciated that distantly, as she might a work of art.

"We can find your missing person, but with only a name..."

"I have a picture." Teenage boy: non-descript, face in the crowd. "It's important that I find him."

"Pay our fees, we will." She offered her warmest smile as he left.

"Security? Give me a complete scan of my last client."

The results were... surprising. Somebody wanted that boy badly -- which might make finding him first quite profitable. Smiling, Lilah set off for Files and Records, carrying the photograph of this 'John Connor'...
Tags: angel, drabble, fic, t:tscc
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