StephenT (stormwreath) wrote,

(Drabble) Darkness Unescapable

This drabble is especially foreowyn_315. No, it wasn't requested. Yes, I'm evil. Please don't hate me. :-)

It's set shortly after Book 6 Chapter V of 'Lord of the Rings'.
"The great dark wave climbing over the green lands and above the hills, and coming on, darkness unescapable. I often dream of it."

Darkness Unescapable

Faramir, Steward of Gondor, smiled tenderly at his bride as they stepped out of the chapel. The crowd cheered, rejoicing in their shared happiness. A cupbearer approached, bearing a double-handled goblet of finest wine. He offered it to Faramir, who toasted his wife then passed her the cup in turn. Then the young man said,

"With your permission, I will recite a poem in your honour. It is composed in a new style, with exactly 100 words, and - GLURK!!

To his dying day, Faramir never learned why Éowyn upended the goblet and rammed it down over the poet's head...

Tags: fic, lotr
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