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Two of my fics have just been nominated for awards. I'd like to thank whoever put them forward, wish luck to the other people from my flist who've also been nominated, and encourage everybody to go out and vote!


Hiywan's Story has been nominated for Best Drama, Best Original Character and Best Plot at the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards. I'm especially pleased by this because of all the time, care and love that went into writing that story - it took me two years to write, after all! The fic tells the story of the First Slayer before she was a Slayer, when she was still just a fairly-normal girl growing up in a Stone Age hunter-gatherer tribe in East Africa. It's my attempt to give words back to someone who once said "I have no voice. No name".


Dead Letter has been put forward in the 'I Like The Quiet' category at the White Knight Awards for fics focussing on Xander. This story was written to show him trying to come to terms with Anya's death in the days after 'Chosen', and also serves as a missing-scene backstory for what we learn about him in 'Wolves At The Gate'. On the strength of this story, I was also nominated for Best Het Author, which I must admit made me blink a little. :-)  It's not really the label I'd use to describe most of my work, although of course 'Dead Letter' is a Xander/Anya fic, so it at least is het. And I've written one Spuffy fic, and there was that Buffy/Willow one where Buffy is turned into a man at the time so it's technically het, so I suppose I am eligible. Kinda.

Oh, and feel free to snag the icon if you like. :-)

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