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(Meme) Famous Last Words quiz

Since everybody else is doing it, here's my own contribution - a Buffy quiz for you to test your knowledge with. I actually posted this on Usenet back in 2003, so it's possible some people will remember it from there.

Under the cut I list the last words of 45 characters from the Buffyverse. In your reply, tell me who they are and how they were about to die. (Sorry, I'm not doing this as a poll because 45 separate questions would make the software explode...)

Some of these are going to be really, really easy (I mean, if you can't guess "Be brave. Live. For me" (which is the first question in the list) or "Your shirt..." or "I want to see how it ends" you need to hand in your fan card in shame). But some might be more tricky.

A few notes: because this is the Buffyverse, some characters appear in this quiz more than once, because they died more than once. :-) I'm also counting death-like states (such as a coma lasting almost a year), being turned into a vampire, being sucked into a hell dimension, being killed in a dream, etc, as equivalent to death for the purpose of this quiz. Also, note that this is the extended Buffyverse (so it includes Ats) but it doesn't include Season 8 because I created the quiz before the comics were written.



1)  Be brave.  Live.  For me.

2)  Do it.  We already know you can. Please. Thank you...

3)  First things first. Remove the complication. When she least expects i-uugggh!  Ad- Adam...?

4)  I'm not afraid. Show me. Show me your world.

5)  Interesting.  Very... interesting.  How can you...?

6) You're just a mortal... you couldn't understand my pain. You can't kill me. Stop it...

6a)  Need... a minute... She could have killed me.  Us?

7)  Of course you underestimate me. You couldn't know - you never had a Watcher.

8)  Too bad we'll never know if this is a face you could learn to love.

9)  Yes... I mean, no. I mean - Mother's expecting me.  I - yes! God, yes!  Ow. Ow!

10)  You're an animal. Animals kill.

11)  Your shirt...

12)  Angel, please, people are going to die. Angel! Please! I'm sure we can negotiate!

13)  Angel, wait! That's your...!

14)  I know you... I remember now... you're Death... What, then?"

15)   Angel?

16)   Maybe this is my second chance. Yes. To die. The way I was supposed to die in the first place.

17)   He's the one good thing we ever did together.  The only good thing. You make sure he knows that...

18)   Stupid girl. You'll never stop me. You don't have the b-

19)   Buffy!  Look out!  Buffy!

20)   Don't fall on this.

21)   Get down from there this instant! Ow! Are you insane?!

22 )  I love you.

23)   I mean, you were her Watcher... what?  What?!

24)   I shall look upon my enemy. I shall look upon her and the dark place will have her soul. Corsheth, take her!

25)   Oh fu-

26)   Oh no.  No, this is no good at all.

27)   Anya!

28)   Ooh! Alright! Put me out of my misery! You don't have the gu-

29)   Shoulda been there, B. Quite a ride.

30)   Slayer! You think you've won.  When *he* rises you'll wish I'd killed you all!

31)   That's not the way out. I'm sorry... You don't understand...

32)   There's nothing you can do to me now.  I have the glove. With the glove comes the power!

33)   This body is all I have left. But it's enough to crush you!

34)  This book has many themes. One of the first... Help! Help me!

35)   We really are living in a golden age.

36)  You don't want that. I know... You're in pain but -

37)   Well, gosh!

38)   What are you doing? Put that away! I'll scream! Please! Why?!

39)   Where are your jibes now? Will you laugh when my Hell is on Earth?

40)   Yes. The other Buffy. I don't... I don't know where she went. Maybe...

41)   Bunnies. Floppy, hoppy, bunnies!

42)   You know, for someone who's all-powerful you sure do like to hide...Well, I don't.

43)   You're on my campus, buddy.  When I say I want quiet, I mean...

44)   It's your world up there. Now GO!  I wanna see how it ends.

45)   When the music stops, the rest... is...


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