StephenT (stormwreath) wrote,

(Meta) Results of my recent poll

Thanks to everyone who replied to the poll I posted a couple of days ago on "what gets you hot?"! Here are the results, based on a survey size of 37 women and 13 men:


Each column represents 100% of respondents, with those who ticked "never" omitted from the graph for clarity.

So, the data really does confirm the hypothesis that "men are visual, women are text-based.".

The majority of women went for "using my imagination" or "reading about it" as the method they use 'nearly always' or 'often'. Men also relied on their imagination, although not quite to the same degree as women; but the proportion choosing "looking at it" or "watching it" as their preferred method was much higher than for women. "Reading it" was not the first choice for most men, but a high proportion used this method at least occasionally... which is probably only to be expected given that this was a survey of men in LJ fandom. I suspect the figures for the general population might come out differently.

Questions? Comments?
Tags: meta
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