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(Vid) Stones

I've made a vid! For the first time in *checks* 14 months. And weirdly enough, after all that time it only took me a single evening to make this one, plus another to check and tweak it after I'd had chance to sleep on it and come back fresh. That must be a record for me.

Of course, the fact that this vid is All About Willow and her fall from grace at the end of Season 6 may have something to do with it. Since, y'know, it's just possible I know those episodes off by heart and could therefore immediately pinpoint exactly which clip I wanted to use for every second of the vid... :-)

As for the music, there's a story behind that. I'm not sure how many of my flist will recognise the song, although I'm fairly certain Felicia Day would if, by some vague mischance, she ever stumbled across this journal. *g* Back in the 90s one of my favourite computer games was the Ultima series. There was a particular piece of music used as a background motif in several of those games, called 'Stones'. It had an exceptionally haunting melody, and stuck in my mind ever since. So recently I was hit by a fit of nostalgia and decided to search on YouTube to see if anyone had uploaded the music.

Not only had they done that (several versions), but I even found a version with sung lyrics. (I knew the song had lyrics, but I'd never actually heard them; the games themselves only had an instrumental version.) So I played it - numerous times, as you do (I'd hate to live with me) - and before long I started thinking "Hey, that verse sounds like it's about Willow in 'Grave'... and this verse reminds me of Willow in 'Lessons'...and this verse-- wait a minute, I could make a vid out of this!

So here it is.


'Stones' (from Ultima) by David Watson and Kathleen Jones
Source: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Seasons 6 and 7
Rating: PG
Length: 2.01
Format: WMV, 640 x 352, 20.1MB
Characters/Pairings: Willow (and Giles)

Summary: Willow's fall into Ultimate Evil, with perhaps a hope of redemption.

Download link (Right-click and 'Save As') 20 MB

Streamy YouTube version, assuming that (a) LJ are allowing embedded video again (b) YouTube haven't banned me for doing dubious things with IP:

ETA: Director's Commentary on the making of this vid.
Tags: buffy, vid
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