StephenT (stormwreath) wrote,

(Meta) Buffy/Faith - it's not just me...

This amused me. :-)  For all you doubters who never saw any subtext between Buffy and Faith on the show... (you know who you are):

Eliza Dushku posted on Twitter last week that she was planning her Halloween costume, and the following conversation resulted.

# Random Twitter person 1: Would it be really ironic if you went as Buffy? Maybe not.

# Eliza: I did her once. It was enough.

(Five minutes later, a hasty amendment...)

# Eliza: I PLAYED her once.

# Random Twitter person 2: SO TOTALLY think Buffy and Faith shuda hooked up... for at least ONE episode. Dont YOU ? ;)

# Eliza: U never saw lost episode of Buffy?

Tags: buffy, meta
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