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(Meta) In Chronological Order...

Most of my 'Buffy' fic is post-TV series. Some of it is pre-series (and some of that is way, WAY pre-series); and a very small amount is during-series. So, inspired by angeariawondering whether to catalogue her fic into chronological order, I decided as an exercise to see if I could put all of mine into sequence. The challenging part, of course, is that some of these fics are mutually contradictory. I've written Buffy's final death scene three times, twice in glorious battle and once of old age, peacefully in bed: they can't all be right! So I decided which one would be my own fanon, and marked the others 'AU'. Same for all the other contradictions, so hopefully now it all makes sense...

Having done this, it's interesting to see which periods and seasons I've written most fics about. See if you can guess, before you look under the cut. :-)

Pre-TV Series

Hiywan's Story - Hiywan (OC). c.6000 BC. The fic covers about 6 years of time starting from when she was 8.
Before The Dawn - Hiywan (OC). c.6000 BC. This is soon after she became an adult.
Blood, Some Of It Mine - Hiywan (OC). c.6000 BC. About six months after the end of 'Hiywan's Story'.
A Day In The Life Of The Five Trees Clan - Hiywan (OC). c.6000 BC. She's been an adult about two years here.
Before There Was A Slayer - Hiywan (OC). c.6000 BC. This describes her capture by the Shadowmen.
Dominion - First Slayer. c.6000 BC. A few months after 'Before There Was A Slayer'.
I Am Destruction - First Slayer. c.6000 BC. Hiywan confronts the thing that killed her sister.
We Are Alone - Qusari Tefari (OC), time unknown but after Its imprisonment within the body of the Slayer.
Alone - First Slayer, time unknown but after the death of her physical body.

Sumeria 4500BC: The First Religion - Alulim of Eridu (OC). The title pretty much dates this precisely.
If Ever Before Thou Didst Hear My Voice Afar - Sappho. 590 BC.
Great Muppety Odin - Odin, Thor. Some time in the legendary past of the Scandinavian peoples.
It Would Have Been Like Woodstock - Jesus of Nazareth, a donkey, some vampire OCs. Palm Sunday AD 33.

Caught Sleeping - Luke, Don Menendez (OC). 1843.
Wish You Were There - William Pratt, Anne Pratt. 1880.
Learning To Drive - Spike/Drusilla. January 1901.
The Lamps Go Out - Darla/Gavrilo Princip. 27 June 1914.
Blackout - Spike/Drusilla. Late autumn 1940.
A Distant Echo - Spike/Spike's Coat. 1977.

Slumming - Bridget Lehane (OC). March 1980. (Nine months before Faith is born...)
Three Callings: Port Morant - Kendra. 1983. (That's assuming she was 16 or so in S2).
Getting In The Game - Faith, 'Uncle' Sean (OC). 1980s.
How Willow Discovered Online Porn - Ira, Sheila and Willow Rosenberg. 1995 (Willow is 14).
Three Callings: Boston - Faith. 1994. I made Faith around 14 when she met her Watcher here, but since writing this I've decided it would have been much later - probably about the start of S2 giving them just under a year together.
Three Callings: Los Angeles - Buffy. 1996.

There's Nothing We Can't Face - Demons. Who look remarkably like bunnies. Could be set any time between 880 and 2003.

During-TV Series

The Slayer's Handbook - Buffy, Giles. S1 during 'Welcome to the Hellmouth'.
Past Imperfect, Future Conditional, Present Tense - Buffy, Buffy, Willow, Xander, Giles. Late S1.

Yoyo, n, ancient Filipino hand-held weapon - Buffy, Willow, Xander/Cordelia. S2.
The Gift - Angel/Buffy. S2 during 'Surprise'.
Restore Soul From Backup (Y/N)? - Angelus, Spike, Drusilla. S2 during 'Passion'.
Red Shift - Buffy. S2 after 'Becoming 2'.

Happy Anniversary - Xander/Anya, Willow/Tara, Buffy/Angel. S3-S4-S5 (each couple's first anniversary).

Redefinition - Faith. Mid S3.
A Storm Coming In - Buffy, Willow, Xander, Giles, Cameron 'T-OK715' Phillips. Spring 1999, before 'Lovers Walk'.
(Dis)Connection - Faith/Buffy. S3 shortly before 'Bad Girls'.
Trick/Treat - Faith, Mayor Wilkins. S3 after 'Consequences'.

Looking For Opportunities - Lilah, Cromartie. Ats S1. Timing determined by the T:SCC pilot's timing.
An Introduction To Online Fandom - Buffy, Willow. Early S4, after 'Living Conditions'.
The Choice of Achilles - Tara. S4, during 'Hush'.
Making Preparations - Willow/Tara. Late S4.
Nor Iron Bars A Cage - Faith. Ats S1 after 'Sanctuary'.

That Other Kiss - Buffy/Willow/Tara. 4 July 2000, between S4 and S5.
For A Few Kisses More - Buffy/Willow/Tara. 4 July 2000, between S4 and S5, 20 minutes after the previous fic ended.

Stockton Gala Days - Faith/OC. Early Ats S2.
Patterns of Stress - Fred. Ats S2. Fred is still in Pylea, trying to survive on the run.
Getting Ready To Go Out - Darla. Ats S2 before 'The Trial'.
Death Is Her Gift - Buffy. S5 during 'The Gift'.
On The Whispering Wind - Buffy. S5 after 'The Gift'. (Yes, she's dead during this fic, despite being the protagonist.)

Product Placement - Willow, Dawn. Early S6.
Broken - Willow. S6 after 'Tabula Rasa'.
This Isn't About Hate - Amy, Warren. S6 before and during 'Villains'.
Deep Green - Willow. S6 during 'Grave'. Here she's deciding to burn the earth to a cinder...
On Kingman's Bluff - Willow. S6 during 'Grave'. ...and here she's started the process...
Warning: Character Death - Willow. S6 during 'Grave'. ...And here she ends it. AU.

One Day In The Life Of Buffy Summers - Buffy, ensemble. S7 between 'Him' and 'Conversations With Dead People'.
When She Was Bad - Kennedy. S7 after 'Get It Done'.
Making Plans - Rona, Vi, Kennedy. Late S7.

Immediately Post-TV Series - Including Angel Season 5

The Phonecall - Faith, Harmony, Angel. Immediately after 'Chosen' and 'Home'.
All My Dreams End In Fire - Beck (from Spike:Asylum). Early Ats S5.

Adding Up The Score - Buffy, Faith. Very soon after 'Chosen'. Buffy hasn't slept with Satsu yet, and Faith hasn't gone off to Cleveland.
Dead Letter - Xander. A few weeks after 'Chosen'.
The Splendour that was Rome - Buffy, Dawn. Soon after 'Chosen'. They're in Rome; I assume that was before setting up the decoy Buffy with the Immortal. :-)
Everything Changes - Buffy/The Immortal (who is Captain Jack Harkness). AU.
A Few Moments Earlier - Willow/Kennedy. Soon after 'Chosen', still very early in their formal relationship.
Holiday in the Sun - Willow/Kennedy. Soon after 'Chosen'.
Crossover 1 - Willow/Kennedy. Soon after 'Chosen'.
From Ancient Grudge - Willow/Faith. Not quite sure where to put this one; it may be AU.

Lessons - Wesley, Illyria. Ats S5 after 'Shells'.
Late - Buffy/ensemble. Ats S5 immediately after 'Not Fade Away'. AU.
All His Worldly Goods - Buffy. A month or two after 'Not Fade Away'.

Post-TV Series (Including the Comics)

Intrusion - Willow/Kennedy. BtVS post-S7. This is an AU fic in which it's Willow, not Buffy, who robs a bank to fund the Slayer Army.

But Then Again, Too Few To Mention - Spike, Angel. Early in 'After The Fall'.
Angel and the Dragon - Angel and Cordelia the Dragon, F'lar and Mnementh, Lessa and Ramoth. Set in an AU after 'After The Fall'.
Stealer of Souls - Angel, Elric of Melniboné, Stormbringer. Set in an AU after 'After The Fall'.

What Can Change The Nature Of A Man? - Buffy, Kennedy, Willow, Ravel the Night Hag. Before S8, and leads on to 'Legally Dead'.
Legally Dead - Willow/Kennedy. About 6 months before S8 begins (the start of Willow's 'mystical walkabout').
And All My Secrets Laid Bare - Willow/Saga Vasuki, Willow/Kennedy, Willow/Tara, Tara/Kennedy. About 6 months before S8 begins.
In Sure And Certain Hope - Willow/Kennedy. About 5 months before S8 begins. Kennedy's been dead for a month since 'Legally Dead'.

Project - Renee. S8 before 'The Long Way Home'.
Things The Slayer Handbook Doesn't Tell You About #1 - Buffy, Faith. S8 before 'The Long Way Home'. Faith's in Cleveland.
Three Dimensional Spatial Awareness Training - Andrew, Donna. S8 before 'The Long Way Home'.

That Kiss - Willow, Buffy. S8 after 'The Long Way Home' Part 2.
Netherlands to Nepal - Willow/Dawn. Early S8 (now AU).
We Just Declared War - Buffy, Ellen Ripley, others. Early S8 after 'The Long Way Home'.
...And Shopping - Buffy, Satsu. S8 before 'A Beautiful Sunset'.
Unstylish Yet High-Priced Boots - Buffy/Satsu. S8 before 'A Beautiful Sunset'.
Tradition - Xander, Renee, Leah. S8, 26 December 200X, before 'A Beautiful Sunset'.
Performance Review - Satsu, Kennedy. S8, after 'Wolves At The Gate'.
Lost and Found - Satsu, others. S8, before and after 'Swell'.
Cinnamon Is Not The Only Chapstick - Satsu/Kennedy. S8, immediately after 'Swell'.
In The Encircling Night - S8, before 'Safe'.
Majestic Creatures Of Legend - Xander/Dawn. S8, between 'Time Of Your Life' and 'Living Doll'.
Behind The Mask - Twilight, Adelle, Topher. S8, just before 'Retreat'.

How The Heroes Die: Faith - Faith. 19 April 2007. (Purely because of the date I gave to her death in 'Hell's Heart').
Hell's Heart - Faith, St Peter, St Michael. 22 April 2007. (So in my fanon she dies at 27, about three years after the end of season 8.)
For The Fallen - Buffy. Post-S8. Several years after 'Chosen'. (There are people to mourn; probably including Faith given the above.)

It's Curtains For You, Slayer - Buffy/Spike. Post-S8. (May be AU depending on whether she ever meets Spike again.)
...When Death Is On The Line - Spike, DEATH. Post-S8.

Matthew 1.23, Except Not - Willow, Buffy. Early 2011. (Buffy is 30 years old, Willow is 29, Kennedy is 8 days pregnant.)
Torment - Willow/Kennedy. Late 2011, nine months after the previous fic, give or take a week.

Once and Future - Buffy, Xander, Willow. AU post-series.
The Chooser and the Chosen - Buffy, Odin, a Valkyrie. AU post-series.

How The Heroes Die: Buffy ; How The Heroes Die: Willow - Buffy, Willow. Probably about 2075, based on Buffy being 94 when she dies peacefully in bed.

Second Meeting - Melaka Fray, Icarus. c. 2300 (during the 'Fray' comic book').
Just Another Day - Melaka Fray. c. 2300 (after the 'Fray' comic book').
Earth That Was - OC Slayer. c. 2420 (Humanity abandons Earth for the Firefly 'Verse).


That's it for now. :-) For links to the fics, see sidebar with fic index. And finally, a question; who's the most obscure real-life person you've given a cameo in one of your fics?
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