StephenT (stormwreath) wrote,

(Meta) A random burst of statistics

Since I began writing fanfic in October 2006 I've written a total of 138,673 words in three years, of which 29,844 was written this year. I've written a total of 113 fics, or 143 if you count each chapter of a multi-chapter fic separately. 62 of those fics were drabbles, 51 of them were longer than that.

My three longest fics are:

  • Hiywan's Story - 24,244 in 8 chapters.
  • One Day In The Life Of Buffy Summers - 12,999 in 10 chapters.
  • We Just Declared War - 12,562 in 6 chapters.

My average fic is 1,227 words long. If you exclude the drabbles, the average is 2,598 words.

I've written nine fics with explicit sex: 7 femslash, 1 het, one male!solo.  The people who got lucky were Willow, Kennedy, Tara, Buffy, Dawn, Faith, Saga Vasuki and Spike's coat.

14 of my fics involved the death of a human, and five with their experiences in the afterlife. I've wiped out the entire world once. Two fics have dealt with conception and birth. Two fics have specifically mentioned menstruation.

The character I've written about most often is Buffy, with Willow in second place.

Excluding drabbles, my 51 fics include 3 about Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles, 1 about Dollhouse, and 47 about the Buffyverse (although 6 of those were crossovers, including one with TSCC and one with Dollhouse, the others being with Aliens, Pern, Elric and Planescape).

Tags: meta, writing
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