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StephenT [userpic]


13th November 2009 (20:01)

If anyone has a spare Archive Of Our Own invitation lying around, I'd be happy to offer it a good home with me. :-)

ETA: Got one! Thanks. :-)

(My email address is in my user profile).


Posted by: Ruuger (ruuger)
Posted at: 13th November 2009 21:07 (UTC)

Yeah, the back-dating thing is one of my favourite features. I can post all my old fics there as well, for completedness' sake, without the fear that someone might think that that's how I write now :D

I've been cross-posting my fic to four different locations at best (LJ, my website, ff.net and few specialty archives), and it's damned difficult to keep track especially when you're like me and can't stop fiddling with the fics even after they're posted. I've already abandoned ff.net in favour of AO3, and I'm thinking that I might also ditch my website, and then possibly one day in the future only post links to AO3 on my LJ as well.

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