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StephenT [userpic]

(Fic) Buffy's Little Secret

23rd November 2009 (16:34)
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This ficlet was inspired by a certain conversation certain members of my flist were having recently. Set in early season 7, rated PG for mild suggestiveness, 278 words.

Buffy has a secret.

She's not ashamed of it, exactly. I mean, it's a perfectly reasonable thing for a girl in her position to own, isn't it? But she's never quite found the courage to tell her friends she's got one. They'd make jokes, and she'd get all tongue-twisted and blushy, as she often does when confronted by a social problem she can't solve by using violence.

She's actually had it for five years now. She doesn't think her friends suspect it's there, hidden away and covered with some of her old clothes. Mostly, it's hidden from Dawn; Buffy cringes at the thought of how her sister would react to finding it. At the very best, she'd make sarcastic comments. At worst - in the depths of her nightmares - Buffy imagines Dawn reacting with delighted glee and asking if she can borrow it and use it herself.

So she always waits until Dawn's gone out and she's sure she's alone in the house before going to uncover her secret treasure. She pushes aside the shielding cloth and lifts it out of its concealment with an air of reverence. Its weight feels heavy and solid in her grip, and the smooth hard surface warms up quickly as her body heat suffuses it. She checks the batteries still have power and runs her hand over the slightly bulbous end, wondering if she's weird for getting excited at this little ritual.

Then she puts it on her shoulder and practices calibrating the sights and priming the firing lever, before carefully putting the rocket launcher back away in its hiding place until the next time she wants to play with it...


Posted by: Emmie (angearia)
Posted at: 24th November 2009 02:44 (UTC)

I don't ignore you! I think about you even when I'm not posting! (Okay, that sounded way less creepy in my head. ;-) )

*dies laughing*

Are there any non-phallic weapons?

Xena's chakra (sp?) thingie?

I did consider having Willow down in the basement in S5 trying to fine-tune the Buffybot's physical response systems *koffkoff* when she discovers the rocket launcher, and wonders if she can tease Buffy about it without letting on what she was doing down there in the first place...

Hee! That sounds aces. I actually have a plot bunny now demanding to be written where Andrew discovers it mid-Season 6 while planting bugs in Buffy's house, gets caught and has to hide in her closet (*snerk*) and stumbles upon the rocket launcher. All while in communication with Warren and Jonathan via ear pieces.

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