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StephenT [userpic]

Seasoned greetings (with paprika and chives, or something)!

24th December 2009 (10:51)

Since I'm shortly about to travel up to my brother's for Christmas, of course the radio has just broadcast a warning about the horrible weather and that they advise people to avoid non-essential journeys. Fun. Wish me luck... also:

Happy Christmas!

Christmas greetings void where prohibited by law. Alternative secular or religious greetings available on request, subject to availability. No warranty express or implied is provided; no liability can be accepted if your Christmas turns out not to be happy after all. Pour des salutations de Noël en français veuillez appuyer sur 2.


Posted by: Chani φ (frenchani)
Posted at: 24th December 2009 12:54 (UTC)

Joyeux Noël, Stephen. Sois prudent sur la route!

Posted by: darkestboy (darkestboy)
Posted at: 24th December 2009 14:48 (UTC)

Happy Christmas, Stormwreath.

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