StephenT (stormwreath) wrote,

(Art) Goddesses and Monsters - in the beginning

Some of you may remember me adapting the words of 'Macbeth' to the 'Buffy' Season 8 artwork here and here.  Well, after reading 'Goddesses and Monsters', a fairly similar parallel struck me rather forcefully... and the result was this.

Artwork: Karl Moline
Words: Genesis Book 2 Verse 25 - Book 3 Verses 1 - 7.
From original ideas by me, Joss Whedon and God. Not necessarily in that order. ;-)

Apologies for the heteronormative tone of the original words. Not my fault.

Again, sorry about the 'he'. That's definitely a female serpent.

Those don't look much like fruit trees, do they?

So why plant the tree there in the first place?

Yes I know Willow is clothed here. Hush.


So are we meant to think that feeding your family and gaining wisdom are bad things, then?

Apparently this is a bad thing.

So. Is Willow making a terrible mistake here?

Tags: art, buffy, meta
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