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(Meta) Some of the things I wrote in 2009

Reviews of the fic you wrote in 2009 are all the rage at the moment, so here's mine. I've tried to make it interesting (at least to people who like random data...).

I completed Hiywan's Story (the final 3 chapters) and wrote 7 drabbles, 4 ficlets (under 1000 words) and 11 longer stand-alone fics, for a total of 23 fics and 44,457 words. Four of those fics were more in the nature of meta or documentary than pure fiction.

Links to all the fics listed here can be found in my Fanfiction Index Post Part 2, in the sidebar.


One Dollhouse fic (Is this testing whether I'm a Replicant or a lesbian, Mr Deckard?)
One Sarah Connor Chronicles fic (More Voight-Kampff tests, this time on Terminators).
One Lord of the Rings fic (Darkness Unescapable)
Three crossovers:
     BtVS/Dollhouse (Behind the Mask)
     BtVS/T:SCC (Looking for Opportunities)
     BtVS/Honor Harrington (Retrograde Tactical Manoeuvre)
Seventeen BtVS fics (all the rest)

Main Characters

Hiywan was a main character in five fics (I Am Destruction; Hiywan's Story; A Day In The Life Of The Five Trees Clan;
Blood, Some Of It Mine; Rites of Passage

Buffy was also a main character in five fics (It's Curtains For You, Slayer; Yoyo, n, ancient Filipino hand-held weapon; (Dis)Connection; Buffy's Little Secret; Retrograde Tactical Manoeuvre).

Willow was a main character in four fics (A Few Moments Earlier; How Willow Discovered Online Porn; Warning: Character Death; Retrograde Tactical Manoeuvre).

The following were major characters in two fics each: Spike, Kennedy, Satsu, Xander, Dawn. (Xander had a cameo in a third.)

The following all appeared in one fic: Paul Ballard, Adelle DeWitt, Topher Brink, Catherine Weaver, Cameron Baum, Cromartie, Honor Harrington, Andreas Venizelos, Faramir, Éowyn, Lilah Morgan, Cordelia Chase, Willow's parents, Twilight, Faith Lehane, Spike's coat and Buffy's rocket launcher.

Sex and Relationships

I only wrote two sexually explicit fics in 2009:
A Distant Echo (Spike)
(Dis)Connection (Buffy/Faith)
I also wrote several fics that might have seemed like they were going to be smutty, but actually weren't. :-)

The following pairings were featured in my fics:

Spike/Buffy (It's Curtains For You, Slayer)
Satsu/Kennedy (Cinnamon Is Not The Only Chapstick)
Faramir/Éowyn (Darkness Unescapable)
Willow/Kennedy (A Few Moments Earlier)
Xander/Cordelia (Yoyo, n, ancient Filipino hand-held weapon)
Xander/Dawn (Majestic Creatures of Legend)
Buffy/Faith ((Dis)Connection)


I managed to kill off the entire population of the world except for one person in Warning: Character Death; but otherwise the only people who were harmed by my fic-writing this year were one demon, one evil hyena, and around a thousand vampires.

Odd stuff

I've written fic about buying curtains together, scarification rituals, male masturbation, a human making out with a centaur, femslash, menstruation, time travel, embarrassing parents and a woman getting inexplicably excited about military ordnance.

Five Random Quotes

Found by closing my eyes and clicking on a link from my fic index at random, then doing the same in the fic itself to pick a random sentence.

1. She pulled it from the rack, twisted the cap and tossed it over.
2. They both looked down the table to where their only daughter sat engrossed in the book she was reading.
3. Giving birth is an extremely dangerous occasion; it is not at all uncommon for women to die in childbirth.
4. She doesn't think her friends suspect it's there, hidden away and covered with some of her old clothes.
5. I stood up then, blood dripping down my body, and held the head high, and laughed again in pure triumph and the joy of slaughter.


Tags: fic index, meta, writing
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