StephenT (stormwreath) wrote,

Random statistic of the day

Because I know some people like statistics...

There are currently 2,565 fanfics in the 'Buffy' fandom housed on the Archive Of Our Own. I played around with searches to discover what the most popular pairings were. The one that came in first place is probably of no surprise to anybody, but I thought it would be interesting to record the results anyway. ;-)

312  Spike/Buffy
139  Xander/Spike
 91  Buffy/Angel
 86  Buffy/Faith
 57  Willow/Tara
 48  Giles/Ethan
 39  Buffy/Giles
 29  Spike/Angel
 27  Willow/Kennedy
 17  Xander/Giles

Spuffy fics therefore make up 12% of the archive. I was surprised to see Spander in second place though, while Spangel was so far down the ranking. I'm even more surprised to see that Willow/Kennedy got into the top ten (though admittedly 6 of those 27 fics about them were written by me...and I haven't even uploaded the one I wrote yesterday onto AO3 yet!)
Tags: ao3, buffy, meta, writing
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