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StephenT [userpic]


17th March 2007 (02:03)
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I've been playing around with Photoshop again, and behind the cut is my entry for the 'Spring' challenge at the community btvsats_manips:


Sometimes Willow's subconscious worried her...




Posted by: spikeNdru (spikendru)
Posted at: 17th March 2007 04:05 (UTC)
Oz-cool by elizalavelle

Very cool! But who is the person that looks like Brendan Fraser whom Spike is grabbing?

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: 17th March 2007 11:14 (UTC)

Faith... specifically, Faith from 'This Year's Girl' when she's being chased through the graveyard by Buffy in her dream.

From left to right, the characters are:

Mercury, god of communication: Nicholas Brendan
The Three Graces, goddesses of beauty: Amber Benson, Iyari Limon, Michelle Trachtenberg
Venus, goddess of love: Alyson Hannigan
A wolf, played by itself
Flora, goddess of Spring: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Cloris, goddess of new growth: Eliza Dushku
Zephyrus, god of the West Wind: James Marsters

And the subtext? Willow as goddess of love, presiding over a gathering including Xander (with his back to her), Tara, Kennedy and Oz, and, um, Dawn ('Him') and Buffy and Faith, and Spike ('The Initiative') intruding on the scene looking predatory and hostile...

Posted by: spikeNdru (spikendru)
Posted at: 17th March 2007 21:58 (UTC)
Brain freeze by ficbitcabear

Oopsie! Sorry! I got most of the others, but I thought the Tara one was Amy Madison, and I couldn't figure out Faith at all. Graveyard Faith, looking behind her - now I get it! Terrific job. It's interesting how difficult it sometimes is for me to recognize people out of context. My brain works in mysterious ways.

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