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stormwreath's Journal

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14 April
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This space is reserved for a deep and soulful exposition of my life history, which I might get around to writing someday.

Friends policy: if you're interested in what I've got to say, by all means friend me. No need to ask permission first. If you want to, leave a comment against an entry to say hi - I'm always curious to know what brought people here! I'll normally friend people back if they add me (though it may take a while for me to get round to it); the only real exception would be if you write your own journal in a language I don't understand, or you specifically ask people not to friend you for whatever reason.

Icons: Icon-making is fun. As well as the occasional post dedicated solely to icons I've made, I'll often create a new icon or two specifically to accompany a meta or fic post. Unless stated otherwise, you can take it as read that any icons that appear in my posts here are (a) created by me (b) free to be used by anybody else who wants to take them. The only exception is the blue lightning bolt icon I use as my main avatar, which I'd like to keep distinctive for myself. Otherwise use them, adapt them, share them, whatever. Letting me know what you've done with them would be appreciated, of course.

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